Vivi Tells You What to Listen to, Pt 27

T Swift broke up with her latest boyfriend. So expect a new song soon. I would just never ever date that girl. But there is something about that mousey face that dem boyz can’t resist. Other music (but not really) news Timberlake got married and sang a new song to his bride. This means he can still write music— yaya. I will work on finding that genie to get me wishes (1st two: teleportation, money).  Now that you are all caught up here are some things you should hear:

Halloween Costume Ideas

1. Wham!- Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
Not ashamed at all for my love of this amazing feat of songitude. Besides this being the song for all eternity (it will be played in heaven!), so many costume ideas.  (1)White jeans and a choose life shirt with your best bud (your friendship may not last the length of the party- forewarning . (2) Pastel booty shorts, sweatshirt and yellow fingerless gloves. (3) Painters hat with extra flaps , sweatshirt, and pastel shirt. Dance moves so easy to memorize so you can dance all night. But lets go  dancing tomorrow night and snuggle in bed with the finest blacklight the novelty store has to offer.

2. Marillion – Lavender
I honestly have no fucking clue who they are. I guess they are a thing and have a singer named Fish (WTF) that left at some point (I don’t think he came back). Jimmy Pardo talked about them on his Facebook page, so I had to check it out. The song is fine. Kind of that 80s rock ballad thing. Lots of drama and whining. But the main singer’s (Fish?) outfit is a perfect costume. Yes it is obscure but that one person who will get it, you will make their night. Everyone else will confuse you with a Scottish person. Stupid people will think you are Angus Young. Either way you get some breeze on your bits and get to wear a jaunty jacket. UPDATE: the song has wore me down and I love it. However I only want to listen to it swaying in a room with a fog machine.

Awesome Discoveries

3. Ryan Leslie – Glory
t has this great 70s soul rock beat to this song. The rhymes are great too and I love his flow. I tried listening to the rest of his album and they aren’t as amazing of this song but it is the music behind the song that makes this one so so fucking good.  I have a hard time to fully explain my excitement over songs I super love. So just take my word that this one needs to be heard. Go Go Go!

4. Campfire OK – Wishing You The Best
I love good beats. Fat beats. This is not fat beats. I also like beets. Mmmm beets. I wanna look like I just ate Barney. Oh this song. Loove it. It does follow the Lumineers/Mumford and Sons trend but it is different enough to be its own thing. The beat really sells it. Good voices. I am assuming the lyrics are okay. I didn’t really pay attention. Crossing fingers they aren’t about encouraging children to put their fingers into outlets. Video has lots of floating and diving. If that is your thing. I don’t know how to swim, so I am not a fan. But the song is a must hear.

Acoustical Coversauce

5. Ra-On – Gangnam Style (Acoustic Cover)
Yes I am a bit tired of the original at this point (but not PSY).  This cover is so great. The girl singing has a beautiful voice. IT is fun and cute and translates really well to the acoustic cover. Sometimes these songs are a bit of a stretch going to the acoustic and this works really well. So if you are like me and a bit tired of Gangnam Style, migrate over to this. And then check out PSY’s other stuff and some of the other K-Popliciousness I suggested. Hey who knows, you might learn Korean.  Will be super useful when you do that remake of MASH that you always wanted to do. Maybe this time it will be more entertaining.

6. She & Him – Stars Fell On Alabama
This is a cover of a song that I don’t know but I love her voice so hard. I also love them singing together. He is playing guitar over his head! So it is a musical awesomeness. This video is so adorkable (hehehe). I want her bow hair clip. Get right on that people. The song is beautiful and romantic. I feel all swoony and swear I am seeing birds flying around. I may have just hit my head. Seeing stars too. Hmmm…

The Picture Box Sings to Me

7. Garbage- A Stroke of Luck
It’s Garbage so it has that Garbage feel. I feel like when they chose their name they were proud at how clever they were.   I feel silly saying “it’s Garbage” for a song that is good. Sigh. This is my problem. The song has that kind of haunting 90s style that Garbage did so well. This song I found watching an old episode of Charmed. That sound that is great for one of those long super lustful but slow fuck sessions. However I got this song from Charmed so it is tainted for me. For you, though, fuck away.  Put on your knee-high boots and cherry red lipstick and get at it Scrappy.

8. Ladyhawke- Girl Like Me
I feel a bit of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in this song. Which means awesome rock with a girly singer. Got this one from Vampire Diaries so no weirdness for sexitude. Someone probably died and came back during this song. I forget where I heard it in the episode. Maybe smolderyeyes did something eye smirkingly good. It has a great beat. Good for driving too. So I suggest road head.
JT Preview

9. Usher -Yeah
Instant dance song for me. It was popular when I was doing the majority my clubbing. This was “mah jam”.  Always had to dance to this one. I was going to say booty shake but like I know how the fuck to do that. I am an nonrhythmic white girl. I look like a spaz whose feet are glued to the floor. It doesn’t stop me.  You can scream out “yeah” fist bumping with one arm (the other has your drink).   Bonus you could dress as Usher and Lil’ Jon from this video. Or Ludacris. I choose Lil’ Jon- I get a bottle of bubbles.

10. Michael Stipe/Dashboard Confessional – Hands Down
I think is the first song I ever bought on iTunes according to their records. This is one of my favorite songs of all time (I am an unashamed Dashboard Confessional fan). Having Michael Stipe sing this song with them, it makes me so happy. I had the hugest crush on Stipe in my early teen years. Had the hardcore REM phase. So combining new loves with old loves is a blessing wrapped in bacon. The song is really good. You should like it. If you don’t, I guess that is fine but don’t ever speak of it to me. I can’t hear you. LA LA LA LA  Also the song is romantic. In that Dashboard Confessional kind of way.


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