Vivi Tells You What to Listen to – Pt 28

This week is very strange. I am doing Nanowrimo and decided to write a story to take you through the songs. Maybe this will make you listen to them more. Or less. Either way it is an experiment and a traipse through my head.

1. Emilie Autumn – Start Another Story
We begin our journey here with this beautiful song from Emilie Autumn who is one of the finest pieces of a singer ever. Like ever. I get to see her in January. EEEEK. Back to the story. I guess this is the beginning. We are making it up as we go, like the song tells me to do. There was this day gone by but it didn’t really go by. It just sat there in a beautiful puddle of goo begging to be told.

2. Selena Gomez & The Scene- Hit The Lights
You find yourself take over by music thumping through the walls. It is barely 8am and this loud crack pop is invading into your serene bedroom. You are irritated and strangely finding yourself dancing like a sparkly hamster. You can’t figure out why you like this song so much. But you dance yourself out of bed and get ready for the day.

3.  The Mountain Goats- Steal Smoked Fish
As you are making eggs this beautiful melody comes over the radio.  You are so happy to have this beautiful voice read you melodic poetry. It beats reading the paper in the morning. Seriously who reads the paper in the morning anymore? You dream about dreaming. Wishing you could write poetry still without feeling like a dork.  Realizing that turning poetic phrases takes some absence of snark and derision which you are unable to do.

4. Shriekback – The Reptiles and I
our iPod switches over to this song as you are walking out the door to work. You feel like a covert spy. Like a sneaky snake, on the move to find the mark. You want to wiretap someone’s phone and learn all their filthy secrets. You find yourself crouched lower as you are walking. His perfectly enunciated voice is turning your brain in to butter. You start saying things with that forced enunciation you usually reserve for your lover who fails to hear you most of the time.

5. Esthero- Never Gonna Let You Go
he coffee is cold and you are too lazy to make more.  So you settle into your desk and this is the next song on your Pandora station. The beat gets you to start chair dancing. You find yourself wanting to clap along. A great wake me up since the coffee was a fail. Any stupid meetings or emails that come to you today will be manageable after hearing this song. You are tempted to blast the song and engage Sally, John, Mark, and Veronica to dance down the halls together.  Why is there no more office group numbers?

6. Grouplove – Don’t Say Oh Well
ork is almost done and when the clock strikes 5 you want to slide away from your desk and start to sing and dance to this song. Why do you want to do so many group numbers? You have no rhythm, you realize.  At your desk clapping is totally permitted. Veronica peers over and looks are you cross-eyed for your clapping technique. Sometimes your claps are missed and you look like a spaz. But work is done and you are dancing dancing getting read to go out.

7. Robbie Williams – Candy
his is your jam for strutting to the 1st bar to hang with Lucy. Sometimes you just want to feel a bit shallow. Maybe not run over Robbie Williams, shallow , but a bit. You order a margarita and some tacos. Better prepare yourself. Lucy is ready to get this night started. She is already making out with a random guy in the corner before coming over and joining you.

8. Caetano Veloso and Lila Downs- Burn It Blue
You head to a Spanish restaurant which gives free dance lessons along with discounted sangria. It takes two sangrias until you are up and trying to dance to this song. It starts of slow and beautiful for you and you feel confident that you can  be a Spanish dance star. You are twirling and spinning as if you have the giantest skirt on. Kicking up your feet like you think you should do. Lucy is off dancing with a random guy. A cute girl comes up and starts to dance with you. She has more rhythm than you but together you are an awesome duo. Just like the voices in this song.

9. Michael Monroe- Superpowered Superfly
As you escort this brunette sex pot back to your place you explain your mad love for power rock pop.  You put this song on to start off the night with beers.  The beers are soon discarded and you are all over each other to the fun catchy beat of the song. Dancing, groping, undressing. The infectious rhythm gets you energized and you both run to the bed.

10. The Subways – No Goodbyes
es you have a subtle song you play to kick your lovers to the curb. This poppy song is Beatles-ish and subtle. It is a sweet little song that gets you dancing. She gets her clothes and leaves, giving you one last kiss. You stand on your balcony,smoking and listening to this song. Occasionally singing along a bit. It is so easy to sing.  You grab a glass of water shaking your bootie a bit along the way.

11. Bon Jovi – Livin on A Prayer
our post-coital ritual is to play RockBand. You love to play guitar and sing to this song. Classic rock hits with sweeping choruses of promise and hope are your thing. You jump on the couch and on to the floor pretending you are Bon Jovi complete with the legion of girls wanting to get into your pants. You reassure Gina that it will be okay. Someday you will free her from this RockBand prison.

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