Vivi Tells You What to Listen To, Pt 29

I am going to force you to hear my Nanowrimo updates by sneaking them (well not so sneaky- I failed Ninja class. Nunchucks will hit you back) into these blog posts. My novel idea is intricate and twisted around a tree like a wayward vine. It is however, moving slowly. My brain and my ability to find time (beer week y’all) is making it so that I am way way under my goal. I hope to catch up this weekend (even though it is full)

Music: Some new, some things in my head. I don’t remember why I chose some of these. So it will be a journey for us both.

1. Fun. – Some Nights
I thought I did We Are Young on a previous list, but I can’t find it. Either way, you should know and love Fun. They have great sweeping sounds. The lead singer is amazing and the other main dude is from Steel Train. The video for this song is very interesting, set in the Civil War (?). I thought it was an Amish thing at first then I saw the battles. The song is makes me happy excited. I think as catchy as We Are Young is; I think this is a better song. It is more poetic. More epic. It is more of a battle cry like the video suggests. So listen. An order from General Vivilissimo.

2. Mumford and Sons – Lover Of The Light
This is a great Mumford and Sons song. I really like all of their music. It is solid Chillbilly (shudder) music. You know that style that is popular now—- Country without you feeling icky or wanting to buy a pick-up truck. You may want some artisanal gin, suspenders, and be the finest train hopping hobo ever but you won’t be crying about trucks and women.
However the main thing about this one is the video. Idris Elba directed and starred in this video. Which like the Antony, Cut the World, has all these subtle meanings and feelings that get evoked inside or your body. There are these wide sweeping shots, shots of some hoofed animal and Idris. If you let it take you over, you will be rewarded.

3. Angus and Julia Sone- For You
I happened upon them in a Spotify Spiral, and fell madly in love. Yeah they are foreign and they are brother and sister but that can’t stop this feeling inside. Our love is pure and natural no matter what you say. They sing me beautiful songs about love like this one.

4. Jake Bugg – Two Fingers
Clapping! Happy Happy Happy. Thinking it is about saying fuck you to yesterday. I am not British just ignorant America (USA Gold Medal #1) so we will go with that thought. Ciggies!!!! Angsty sad youth! Happy happy happy!!!

5. The Neighbourhood- Sweater Weather
These people are probably also foreign. Or pretentious. Happy Happy. See not as happy as the song before. Aww romantic sweater song. Romantic Weezer but not really. It is pop that everyone can love. Good for fall days. With hot chocolate and loved ones. And cookies. Don’t forget the cookies. Your loved ones will be sad if you do. Don’t make them sad.

6. Martha Wainwright – I Wanna Make an Arrest
Great beat, and great voice. It is like Donna Summer a bit. So light up that shiny ball and put on your shiny jumpsuit and dance. Or just dance. Dance naked to this song in mirrors on sunny mornings. Mimic her voice while you dance. Have fun. That is all I ever want you to do with these songs. Probably figured that by now. It is super gay dance fun. Well a bit of a slower jam but still upbeat if that makes any sense. It will when you listen. Which you should be doing by now.

7. Gwen Bunn- Epitome
I added this song many moons ago to this list and I have no idea what it sounds like. We will experience this together. Handlebar snug against your body? Good. Let’s go! Oooh it is R&B. Good solid. I like it. I know it is a girl singing but it could also be a prepubescent boy. So close your eyes and think of the girl only. You sicko. Seriously. K I apologize for lashing out. This is a love song I guess. I like this songs but I hate self-referential things at times. We get it you are clever. Move on. At least Elton John wanted to get you a house first before he just gave up and wrote you a song. She just went straight to the song that said I am writing you a song. ORLY?

8. Nicole Westbrook- It’s Thanksgiving
Really if you looooooooooooooooooooooooooove Friday then you will love this song. It is from the same factory but instead days of the week, we have holidays! It is the same fucking song! But worse. Like worse! She is making shitty stuffing. Naming dishes! And wearing a shirt about dancing, yet she is not dancing. There is not even that good horrible thing going on. Can’t be hateful, gotta be grateful because you have mashed potatoes on your table. And the black guy eats ribs dressed as a turkey. I have no words.

9. Glee – Beauty School Dropout
Sung by Darren Criss!! From the latest episode that I didn’t see. Butter Butter Butter in my ears and I am not even scared of an infection. Insult me in your sweet dulcet tones. The majority of the comments on this YouTube Video sum up my current feelings. You know this song, you know Darren Criss. So you will love this as you should. Swooon

10. Les Miserables –One Day More
I am super excited about the Les Mis movie coming out in December. I love all the songs in the musical and didn’t know what song to choose. This song highlights a bunch of different people which is awesome. And this version has Nick Jonas! Eeek!! I love this musical because of the huge sweeping power of the entire thing. I will admit, I cried when I saw it on stage. I really think if you ever have to see one musical, you should see this one. Nothing else will come close. Ever. You will want to join the revolution afterwards.

11. Sesame Street – Elmo’s song
This song is the JT preview. Mystery!!!!! It is Elmo who is adorable and he sings the catchiest little song. You will probably be singing it for the rest of the day. Elmo wrote the song too. Better than Nicole whatsherface who had a factory write that crap for her. Elmo even plays the piano. He is a Muppet of diverse talents. It is interchangeable to. La La La Vivi’s Song. La La La Insert your Name here’s song!


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