Vivi Tells You What to Listen To, Pt 30

Double Video

1. Til Tuesday- Voices Carry

  • Turn ons– Interventions, library conventions, new wave night at the bingo hall.
  • Turn offs– oldies who can’t dig the hair, creepos, standing bass.
  • Favorite Drink– something quiet. shush voices carry. Also non-alcoholic. Not good for girlfriends needing to breakup and super not good for creepy jewelry giving controlling boys. Don’t Mix!!
  • Pay attention to my video? — yes. I am describing this gem to you sort of, but you are missing on the breath and scope of this beauty. Hair to be had. Bass to be played. Creepos to walk away from.

2. Aimee Mann- Labrador

  • Turn ons– being vivi’s new sing a long jam.
  • Turn offs– things that aren’t awesome. people who can’t laugh. people who don’t love me.
  • Favorite Drink– white wine. cold and refreshing like their favorite songs.
  • Pay attention to my video? — Yes. Jon Hamm.

Pop-o-tron 5000

3. Taylor Swift- I Knew You Were Trouble

  • Turn ons– being catchy as all hell even if you don’t want to like it. elongating words for extra catchy-ness,  writing songs about my brokenness.
  • Turn offs– closed minded meanies. list of exes (probably see Wikipedia , the kind of dubstepness to this song (sawrie)
  • Favorite Drink– milkshake. Even though I am of legal age I don’t seem like a happy drunk.
  • Pay attention to my video? — no

4. Summer Twins- I Will Love You

  • Turn ons– being the summer hit of the winter,clapping beat, beachballs in the snow.
  • Turn offs– people who hate fun. parkas.
  • Favorite Drink– mai tais by the fireplace
  • Pay attention to my video? — nah. You are too busy dancing to care.

Old School Lesbian

5. Indigo Girls- Closer to Fine

  • Turn ons– being a damn fine ass song. being one that men and women every where scream from the mountain top, flute solos
  • Turn offs– being far away from fine. people who diss mom jeans. people who refuse to listen to me (I will cry).
  • Favorite Drink– a light good beer
  • Pay attention to my video? — sure!

6. K.D. Lang- Miss Chatelaine

  • Turn ons– bubbles, love, that hazy swimmy happy feeling of love
  • Turn offs– people who hate yellow, dresses, and scarves.
  • Favorite Drink– spiked ice tea
  • Pay attention to my video? — omg yes. campy fun!

All is Karen O

7. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Tick

  • Turn ons– me I am a hot song, vampires esp the smolderyeyed ones, sexy voices, catchy fast beats
  • Turn offs– moving slow, breathing
  • Favorite Drink– red bull and vodka
  • Pay attention to my video? — no

8. Karen O- If You’re Gonna Be Dumb, You Gotta Be Tough

  • Turn ons– sexy voice, being a fun little ditty, the word ditty, teaching people about being dumb
  • Turn offs– pansies
  • Favorite Drink– whiskey straight
  • Pay attention to my video? — no


9. Heart -Magic Man

  • Turn ons– rocking out, kick ass voices, being classic awesome, guitar solos, fucking aces drum beats, electronic wizardry
  • Turn offs– mammas that dont understand
  • Favorite Drink– boones farm
  • Pay attention to my video? — no

10. Bat For Lashes -The Wizard

  • Turn ons– being the Junk’s Trunk preview, being haunting awesome, having good sex beat
  • Turn offs– non sexy things, not being a wizard
  • Favorite Drink– deep red wine in a goblet
  • Pay attention to my video? –no


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