Vivi Tells You What to Listen to (pt 31) – Thanksgiving

This is a super long list. I wanted you to have a good full playlist for your Thanksgiving. I also tried to have a playlist that should appease everyone in your family or at least not be too offensive.  Plus for each song you will know what  dish/moment is best.  Then for funsies I did some Thanksgiving food songs.  Enjoy and have a happy Thanksgiving.  And some of these are also a Junk’s Trunk preview (multi-tasking!!).

PS. The bulk of these songs work if you aren’t in America celebrating Thanksgiving (see I do love you all!!)

1. Foxy Shazam- I Like It

Will Please: The Uncle who loves “classic rock” and complains that you kids don’t appreciate good music. “There is no good new music anymore.” This is what you play to shut him the fuck up. He can air drum to his hearts content and you can enjoy your touchdowns in silence for 3 minutes.

Best Served With: Football and beer.  Where the only thing on the table is maybe chips and dip. Maybe watch as an older sibling has a younger one in a head lock; singing “I like it”

2.  Hey Marseilles -Rio

Will Please: Your Vivi a girl of fine taste and luscious brown locks. It is a sweeping song with lots of hand claps and we all know how much the Vivi likes this.

Best Served With: Appetizers. Imagine twirling around in your full skirt picking up a pig in a blanket. Well imagine me doing it. Because I totes am. Need to get those piggies some blankets.

3. Franz Ferdinand – The Lobster Quadrille and The Damned – Turkey Trot

Will Please: The kids table. If they are grateful children then they will appreciate learning new songs, if not then they will ask you to play the new One Direction song. Which you do have but refuse to let your, now hipster, brother know that you have it.

Best Served With: Seafood course if you have that (take that turkey!!!). Maybe it is better for when everyone is seated but waiting for the food to be served. It will distract the vultures for a second before they destroy the food faster than the zombies in the World War Z trailer.

4. Jill Scott- A Long Walk

Will Please: Your mother. You can tell her is a slightly early Alicia Keys. Introduce the table to the world of Jill Scott and the chill awesome this song has.

Best Served With: Salad if that is at your table. And if it is your mom probably forced it to be there. Hopefully it is a salad that is light and bumping like this song. Now I am trying to imagine walking and eating salad. That probably isn’t the best combination. So eat the salad and then take a walk afterwards. Well after you have been dismissed from the table. You aren’t a heathen.
5. Pete Yorn- Strange Condition
Will Please: Aunt who loves John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Gavin DeGraw. Ya know- those pretty boys and their guitars. Give her some more eye candy with a better artist.

Best Served With: Stuffing. One of the best parts of the meal. It is crunchy and soft and full of so much awesome flavor. Hearty, comforting and super tasty.

6. Jean Knight- Mr. Big Stuff

Will Please: Dad who is in to the “oldies”. Also works if you are having a fight and need a song to prove  their arrogance. It is a song that everyone will appreciate unless they are dead inside. Then you know who in your family is dead inside and it makes gift giving easier.

Best Served With: Turkey. It is the big stuff and tends to “lord” over all of the table. And yeah turkey you are pretty awesome and delicious but really are you better than the rest of us dishes on the table? Really? You have to be stuffed and glazed to even be pretty.

7. Ocean Colour Scene- Better Day

Will Please: Brother who is totally into BritPop and none of that Coldplay or Oasis shit. Deep cuts man. Also will work for your Beatles loving father. Has that classic British Pop song sound.

Best Served With: Mashed potatoes and gravy. Just don’t strum them all over the table. Eat them like a fucking human being. Yes the music is great but you haven’t been dominated by apes. Yet.

8. Cranberries – Linger

Will Please: Older sister who is stuck in the 90s. Also might work for sibling/cousin who is in to the indie pop scene. Dicey on that one. You might cry when your younger sister goes, who are they. Resist that urge. You are better than them.

Best Served With: Cranberries of course. It is a bit tart with that Irish accent but sweet and glistening on the plate.
9. Santigold – The Riot’s Gone

Will Please: Sibling/Cousin who is home from their first semester at college and thinks they know everything about music. They will totally think this song is amazing and special and that you are all stupid for not knowing it. Or if their non-prescription glasses take up half of their head, then this band is overrated and they will talk for 10 minutes. Less time to have to listen!!

Best Served With: Rolls. This is a very bready song: slow, hard/soft, butter to your ears. Then you can also do that fork Benny and Joon thing. This song does call for choreography
10. Supergrass- Alright

Will Please:  Your 30-something Aunt. She will remember it from Clueless and squee. The kids table will look up questioningly from sticking carrots in their nose.  Others might know it from that thing with that one person. However everyone will tap along to the song. Really useful if you are doing some sort of setting the table montage.

Best Served With: Vegetables. It is light and bright and could be covered in crunchy bits.

11. Iron and Wine – Flightless Bird, American Mouth – Wedding Version

Will Please: Younger sister/cousin. They will be excited because Bella and Edward got married to this song! However everyone else will think it is a beautiful song.

Best Served With: The refractory period between gorging on turkey and stuffing and pie.  Slow moving but a bit of romance to it. Quiet, dark (unless you eat at 2pm – it is dinner!), chilly.  No one wants to talk. Everyone is pondering life or the regret of shoving the third roll into their foodhole.

12. Adam Sandler- Thanksgiving Song

Will Please: Your uncle who is all “these fancy songs are fine but where is the classic, c’mon”. Make him wait till you play it. Added bonus: all of your family can sing together (as you do) and sing “likes to masturbate with baby oil” really loud. That brings the family together like nothing else.

Best Served With: Pie. We are playing this last and once. Otherwise the burnout factor sets in. Less chance of choking since your uncle still thinks it is the funniest thing ever.

Food Bonuses: 

George Benson- Giblet Gravy
nstrumental awesomeness

Little Eva- Let’s Turkey Trot
more examples of turkeys thinking they are better than us. Having dances and all. I don’t see the mashed potatoes doing that.

The California Honeydrops- Pumpkin  Pie
Such a sweet little find.

Jay and the Techniques – Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie
I heart this song hard and want to make an appeachumpkin pie now.

Louis Jordan- Beans and Cornbread
May not be at your Thanksgiving but a classic food song.

Spotify Playlist (switching things up!!)

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