Vivi Tells You What to listen to, Pt 32 (Nanowrimo)

I failed Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing month). However I did start a really good novel that I want to pay more attention to than the frenzy of Nanowrimo requires. (yayay!) During this month of writing I have discovered a lot of good music. I also created one of the best Pandora stations I have ever created (besides the Ke$ha station). My Nanowrimo station is this beautiful blend of melodic pop with mostly female lead singers. It is kind of that folk-pop that I love so much. There was even songs with clapping!! For me it is perfect because the songs have this poetic beauty and also can be tuned out if needed.

So I have pulled some of these songs out and made them into a listy list for you.

1. Sia- Breathe Me

Good for writing those melancholic romantic longing scenes. Maybe your main character is incidentally stalking their ex-lover and sees them with a new love sharing warm coffees and snuggley kisses.
Her voice is super beautiful and almost hauntingish in this song. Love it live it listen to it. (tm VA)

2. Noah and the Whale- 2 Atoms in a Molecule

Your MC is doing a car trip to a happy place but not as happy as like Disneyland. More like going to the park to fly kites or to brunch with their long time friends. Those super happy moments you have in your life that aren’t indicated by ticket stubs and excessive money. Sunburn maybe. Hopefully pictures.
Song is cute and jaunty and fun.

3. Monarchs – Come On and Move Me

Even though this song isn’t angry you could use it for a fight scene or maybe some sort of debate. Like about who shot first or if flying or invisibility is better. Though that really isn’t a debate. Name one good, not creeeepy, reason why invisibility is better than flying. So yeah have your characters have an invigorating conversation to this song.
Love love this band. So fucking good. So much so the next song will remind you of them too. (hint- it is the Monarchs again)

4. Monarchs- Go I’ll Go

So if that debate broke bad, then you have this song. The break-up of relationships (friends, lovers, siblings, cat and owner). Have a packing the bags scene, throwing underwear out of a three story window. Something black and white with more resolved anger than crying or yelling.
Slower than the other song but with this longing melody that makes me think of hot chocolate on cold mornings. Huge knitted blankets and scarves and rubbing toes with loved ones. You could do this scene instead of the fighting. After all it is your novel.

5. The Cliks- Emily

This song is perfect for a prom scene. Some sort of formal dance with twinkling lights. The beat calls for that. It has that slow dance (especially actual waltzes and shit) feel.  I guess you could do some sort of horrific thing happening to a girl named Emily but I prefer the dance. I am not against unhappy things but I want to dance.
The melody is beautiful and same with the voices. I find this is common for the majority of these songs.

6.  Good Old War- Not Quite Happiness

I am imagining you telling your MC about this story of a girl with no arms falling in love with a man with no legs. That kind of bittersweet poetic love that seems so unhappy but works so beautiful. It is just love love love. Like the song says. Make the story full of awesomeness and maybe even some running jokes (cleverly done of course).
Beautiful, swooping. blah blah awesome

7. Puscifer – The Mission

Dirty sex scene. Super hot. Maybe with strangers in darkened rooms. Or in a bathroom of a bar. You know how to write this stuff. If not look it up somewhere. It is the internet after all. Writing Sex Scenes for Dummies must be a thing right?
Sexy beat, great voice, omg i love this song.

8.  Gigi – Won’t Someone Tell Me? 

Milkshakes and hamburgers. If your book is set in the 50s then flash mob in front of the jukebox. Big skirts, clapping, low finger snaps, big hair do’s. Do it. This is a fun song so use it in a fun moment at least.
It  sound old school (duh). Great. Like an old girl group. Actually doing research that was  the intent (pats on my back bitches)

9. Parachute – She Is Love

A wedding when the groom sees the bride for the first time. Or maybe the first time a guy sees a woman he thinks he loves.  Bonus points if he sees his true love at a monster truck rally. Minus points if it is at a bar or bookstore. Extra bonus points if it is the girl he gives his sperm to at the sperm bank. Extra Extra bonus points if she is a clown at a circus.
It is cute sweet. Simple.

10. Colin Hay – I Just Don’t Think I’ll Get Over You

Rain is almost required for this song. Crying possibly. Writing furiously in notebooks that no one else will read. Talking to a therapist. Breaking glass “just to feel” (actually minus points for that). Don’t sully my beautiful song choice with your cliche ideas about break-ups.
Love Colin Hay so much. So beautiful and most songs are painful but so worth listening.  Do it!

11.  Scissor Sisters- Let’s Have A Kiki

Well if you are having a Kiki this the most appropriate song. (Song tells you what a Kiki is). Also good for gay dance awesome fantastikness. Really nothing else.
This song is epic and I have no idea why it wasn’t in my life sooner. Like when I was born. I know it wasn’t around yet but I really need this to follow me everywhere.


Nanowrimo Station

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