ICP- The Mighty Death Pop , Pt 2

I figure almost four months is enough time to get over the first half of this album. I do know that I am expecting insane(geddit) amounts of violence and will need to cleanse my palate afterwards. I looked at the amount of songs I will review and went “holy mother of tings there are a lot of songs here.” Really, more than three is a lot for me. So here you go:

Hate Her To Death

  • Deep voice. Is this the sexy song? The Danzig’s “Mother” of this album?
  • You hate people who are right? This has to be “Mother”.
  • She don’t be-long to me.
  • Sure lets hate the positive people. And want them off this planet. Actually lets get all the good people off your bizzaro world. Superman can’t survive in bizzaro world
  • You know it is okay to have people in your life that are good to you but you don’t fucking own. Slavery was abolished you know? Owning people is slightly frowned upon now. (I am looking at you Christian Grey).
  • I get the point of this song and there is still 1 minute left. No guitar solos. What else could there be? We geddit. She smiles that means she needs to die.


  • ooh guest stars. They will bring up the happy right?
  • Dig up a body and kick his ass? Do you understand the logistical nightmare that is? By the time you are done digging up said body you are tired and probably lost interest in kicking its ass. And you have probably gotten frustrated and knocked your partner into a shallow grave with a shovel.
  • Stick your tongue out when my cock is near. Oh Hopsin, you know how to sweet talk a lady. I am just a puddle of goo over here. Also parched from having my tongue out. Water please?
  • “Your face resembles a lochness, weird.” I was going to. I can’t.
  • Psychos never chill – fyi
  • This is the roller coaster of songs. I am screaming and have no fucking clue why I am on this ride.
  • Go for it Todd. The assbaddest people are named todd.
  • Yay a pot skit about smurfing pot. Todd pops his head and some one asks if he is dead.

Ghetto Rainbows

  • “How the fuck could this be? There is a rainbow up in the sky.” This is the children’s song right?
  • Crackbabies they need songs too.
  • Even if you are lost, rainbows will find you. Wow I am actually touched. Someone will die soon I assume.
  • AIDS and Pepsi because those are correlated. SCIENCE. Magnets
  • Don’t look at a rainbow because someone will snipe you. See death.
  • Rainbows don’t discriminate. More poetry. I might blow my own brains out. (See death)

When I’m Clownin

  • Slide whistles and honks because clowns. I betcha they were all “we are so amazing to think of that”
  • “Cop a check with Billy” Either you are making Billy pay for your meal or you are looking at penises in the locker room.
  • “Blood on the walls what happened?”  The worst episode of Trading Spaces ever. Like ever ever.
  • Note to Clown: If you owe the mob a millie probably not going to gain much robbing a Chillis.

Dog Catchers

  • Nuclear mullet.. Nice. Dog the Bounty hunter hate song (so topical- next album will have Jon Gosslin).
  • Blumpkin. I always smile when songs reference that. Some of the greats do (Penny Lane, Rock You Like a Hurricane, Come Sail Away)
  • ThunderCat hair style. That was clever. GOY
  • You called him secretly gay then asked him to suck your cock. When in Rome? 


  • So weird to have this existential song juxtaposed with the Dog the Bounty Hunter song
  • “When I get excited, I jog.”  Hey me too! No not really. In my dreams i might. Nah not really for those either.
  • This shit means life exists. You rapping that means life exists more than that other thing.
  • This song is poetic and I should praise that but in the middle of all this violence is seems like trying to band-aid a gotse.

Wheres God

  • Innocent Folk? Weren’t you just wishing a good person to die because they didn’t be-long to you?
  • “Where’s God, bumping his ipod?”  Yeah because the all knowing needs an ipod. Might help with tuning out all the stupid.
  • Is this the Dear God of the album? So seems like it but I thought Miracles and stuff from before.
  • Hope to Cope.
  • “Wheres God when shit goes down”– is like you expect him to be your back up when you decide to finally rob the Chilis. So many big mouth-bites so few fingers. Neeed more omnipresent representation.


  • Whistling. Winds of Change of the album
  • One song can’t apologize for this whole horrifically violent album. You know that right?
  • Just imagining people quoting this song for motivation to YOLO (still relevant?)
  • Writing room for this song:
    Dude 1: You know how change is good? But it can also be bad?
    Dude 2: Yeah
    D1: You know how we all wanna be friends forever? Like grease?
    D2: Yeah
    D1: You know how life is short and you can’t count on anything?
    D2: Yeah.
    D1: You know how Shangra-la is an awesome place?
    D2: Yeah
    D1: You know how I love my girl?
    D2: Yeah.
    D1: Lets write a song that has all of that because that is forever. Throw some kids into that shit and crank that shit up brah.

I finished it!!!! I deserve cake. Give me cake!!! Oh and a palate cleanser for us all:

Wu-Tang – C.R.E.A.M

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