White Christmas

In order to get us all into the spirit of something I will try to review as many Christmas specials/movies/shows as possible. Hopefully for your amusement or to find new things to see. Before I get to the title of this post I will quickly summarize what I have seen so far:

Blake Shelton’s Not So Family Christmas: music is standard okay but the skits were really good. I laughed good laughs. They must have gotten good writers for this show. Vivi gives you permission to watch it.  Should be on Hulu.

The Office: Dwight dressing up and doing his own Christmas celebration. Check plus plus plus. The rest of the show doesn’t matter you need to see it just to find out if you are Impish or Admirable.

Suburgatory: meh.  Amusing but not worth it.

Now White Christmas. Which I love love love. I love the big dance number musical shows with romance and sass. They are my favorite and this lived up to it all.  So I recommend it if you haven’t seen it and even if you have. It is on Netflix. So go go go.
The movie made me realize that I want an awesome musical Christmas just like them.

What is Boffo ? I want to be that . Maybe name all my children and pets after thatat.

I want to get asked to dance and then taken to a seculded platform where we twirl to perfect choreography.

Matching outfits galore. Esp the black statin tuxes and girls with red sparkly gloves. Want that

Cake table. Want that. Need a cake table. (Add to bucket list)

I want the end matching Santa outfits. Sparkle, Satin, fake fur!!

Really this movie made me realize I want me and my love to wear fabulous coordinating outfits and sing songs and maybe dance some wickedly awesome dance.

Also I love Danny Kaye. I hate that I have never seen this before but I do remember him from being the Dentist on the Cosby show. I will need to rectify that. He is my dancing Jam.

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