Buble and Glee

More specials!!!

Michael Buble: Home for the holidays

  • Understand that you are from Vancouver, however starting out with Let It Snow in a place with no snow is disconcerting. You are in probably the least snowy place of Canada, choose a different song.
  • They really do like their hockey and Mounties.
  • I really feel like a prude but that dress is way too short for a show like this, Carly Rae Jepsen. I really feel like if you aren’t careful your vagina will just fall out.
  • I love my Canadian boyfriend. I hope the cheesy jokes are just ones written for him and he is way funnier this.
  • What happens in Canada stays in Canada right? Of course– because you are snowed in.
  • Elmo. Strange at first but he is still cute. And awesome. Singing All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth. You know that would just make you hillbilly Elmo
  • Rod Stewart. Why wear a tie if it is just going to be undone?? At your age it just seems more like dementia than rock and roll.
  • Safeway commercial. Butter isn’t what makes me want to meet people. I was hoping it was booze but no you think slathering me up in butter will make me more attractive.Overall I loved this special but I have a Buble weak spot. It was mostly singing with some cheesiness thrown in. If you love the Buble then watch it, if not skip it.

Glee, Actually (This is Actually the title)

Same with Glee. If you love Glee, you will like this. If you tolerate Glee, you will tolerate this. All others, avoid with the passion of Cinnamon the Thug trying to get a nail file. Oh yeah SPOILERS :

  • You are officially on notice Sue. Don’t mock Love Actually
  • Its a Wonderful Artie: If Blaine is straight in this version I am okay with whomever is cursed for Artie having walksies.
  • No Blaine in this world. Wish to be broken again Artie. Wish to be broken. I don’t want this world to exist.
  • Artie isn’t the glue of glee. Fuck that noise. Brittany maybe but not Artie.
  • Feliz Navidad isnt going to convince anyone that A) you aren’t crazy B) the magical spirit of glee.
  • An angel just gave him a serape. No one else saw this? Really?
  • Thank Santa Fuck, they didn’t turn good because of a shitty version of Feliz Navidad. Also just because he is a fake cripple, doesn’t mean you can use him as your token.
  • Quinn being weak about being a cripple isn’t your fault. Blaine not existing, is your fault. Fix it now!
  • Yay Burt!! I love the Kurt-Rachel scenes. Though it seems to always be shorts season for Rachel.
  • Kurt’s dad is the best thing about Glee, besides Blaine. Just realized they are Burt and Kurt. Hate Glee again.
  • My heart started racing when I saw Blaine. Eeek best story of the epi!
  • Burt is watching to see if they make-up. Fuck I love him.
  • Brittany, Blane, Burt. The b-names seem the keepers.
  • Yaya a lets make fun of the mixed child. How is this a thing in 2012? Oh it is Glee they make shit up for reasons. Then expect me to gain some message from a girl getting into an accident while texting.
  • The Puckerman piece is boring. No other comments.
  • Of course Brittany believes in the apocalypse. And Sam! That is his name. Why do I always forget it? oh because I don’t care.
  • My end of the world song is Jingle Bell Rock. Really that is the only choice. Most would choose Its The End Of The World As We Know It. Seriously do you know the words to that song and that is the song that everyone is going to choose. Go for the bold choice.
  • I want to be a Mayan Star Wife!!!!
  • Happy they didn’t ignore the eating disorder and Marley is getting help. So should Kitty. Make Kitty pay for those therapy sessions. I will shake that girl down for money. Just say it and she is getting a Vivi shakedown (very vicious but always ends in a hug. What can I say I am a lover at the core. And I don’t mind blood hugs).
  • Aww Sue did something good. Still doesn’t make up for shitting on Love Actually.
  • Blaine!!!! Eeek
  • I love everyone dressing in white for Christmas scenes.
  • Christmas makes me into a pile of mushy mush.

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