Best of…. (Vivi Tells You Pt, 34)

1992. Everyone is doing best of 2012 lists and while that is fine and awesome most of the lists will be very overlappy and boring after awhile. So lets revisit another year, 1992. See they both end in 2s so that makes this relevant.  I was also very much alive during this year so you will get Vivi memories (which are vague tings).

This is a best of 20 years later (I am not old!). So this is probably a lot different that what I would have chosen as a wee little girl.

1. Heights- How Do You Talk To An Angel

We were all watching Beverly Hills 90210 and if you weren’t then you should have been. And you would have seen poor relationship choices of Donna. I know no one had successful relationships per se (except maybe Andrea) but I really feel like they punished the poor girl for holding out.  Oh this song, ballad. Complete 90s and probably the best song to introduce this list and state that even though grunge was popular, there will be none on this list. Sorry.  Me and grunge have had a falling out. Much to the sadness of Andreaboo, not BH 90210 Andrea (she doesn’t care). It really is time for you all to admit that you like this song.

2. En Vogue- My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It)

One of the golden eras of girl groups. Girls with great voices, choreography and sass. Look at the hair! Ooh I just saw a vinyl suit dude before American Horror Story! But way way less creepy. It is a great song and I remember having the album which I listened a bunch of times. Sing a long!!

3. Morrissey – We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful

I think Morrissey was the first person I super loved after I ended my NKOTB love.  I learned about the British pop from my best friend’s older brother and cousins. Fell in love with Morrissey, my girl brain ignoring his assholeness. But he did have great songs. I remember getting this album for my birthday and loving this song hard. Of course I did. I also got my first pair of burgundy Doc Martens this year. For some reason that seems relevant to Morrissey.

4. Tori Amos- Winter

Confession- When Little Earthquakes came out, I wanted to hate Tori Amos. One of my friends really liked her and for some reason that annoyed me. Lets blame budding hormones. I eventually did fall hard for the Tori a year later. This is one that would not have been on the list if I created in 1992 and is a must have now. This is a great live version also. It is a beautiful song. Like seriously beautiful. Tear rolling down your cheek beautiful. Get an onion if you have to. Plus it is Winter. This is a two-fer right?

5. K.D. Lang- Constant Craving

Oh the budding lesbian qualities inside me. I would listen to these songs and feel like I knew all the emotions contained. Even though I never experienced anything by this point.  Once I found out that Lang was a Lesbian I identified with her so much as I was trying to figure myself out during those years.  Her voice is crazy insane awesome. This song is another great sing-a-long. Get too it.

6. Stereo MCs – Connected

In my day, our “Spotify” was calling the radio station and begging them to play a song for you. And if you were lucky with in 2 hours you would hear your jam on the radio. I always requested Stereo MCs this song and Elevate Your Mind. I love this electro dance awesome. Always have and always will. You can take away my freedom but you can’t take away my electro-dance music. It will always play in my head. Unless you wipe my memories. And that is just mean. Don’t be mean, dance.

7. Soup Dragons – Divine Thing

I think this is mostly here as a place holder to show you that I do like rock. Maybe I am eschewing grunge on this list. I really tried to force a Nirvana song in here.  I did love Pearl Jam, Nirvana and the Singles soundtrack. I had my t-shirts, imported singles, and everything. Owned flannel. Stopped using hairspray. It just didn’t hug my soul as much as it did for others. This song however is super awesome power pop (oops rock, super rock).  If you don’t know this, then move the fucking rock and rock. Heheh I am so clever.

8. Wreckx-N-Effect- Rumpshaker

Bikini girls playing the sax on the beach. Your argument is irrelevant. Sometimes all you want to do is zoom zoom in the boom boom.  I like the way you comb your hair. The only time that has ever been said where it wasn’t followed by a restraining order. Neon awesome beach party. If I ever invent a time machine I will use it go to  MTV Spring Break in the 90s. There really is no other use for a time machine.

9. Shakespear’s Sister- Stay

I loved this song the moment I heard it and still love it now. I think this is one that my friends never loved as much as me. One of my first memories of a completely personal musical experience. It is that haunting beauty that I cherish so much in a song. The song that gives you the excita-chills. Plus it has that gothic feel which was great for me since I loved me some vampires. I could never go full goth (what can I say I like color). I was known for wearing white jean shorts with daisies and black lipstick. The song again- epic. Learn it, I might add it to the quiz.

10. Sophie B. Hawkins- Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover

This was the song that whenever I sang it I felt like I understand everything she was singing about. I was a 14 year old girl with no relationships. I wanted to feel those big grown up emotions. To fully understand the songs I loved so much. I wanted to roll around on the ground with my brightly colored lips and not get rug burn. This song is still really really good. She is also pretty hot too. You know this song is overdone on the karaoke circuit.

11. Toad The Wet Sprocket- All I Want

This is the Junk’s Trunk preview song. I still would have chosen it for the best of 1992. I love Toad (Wet Sprocket-eh?).  Great voice on Toad. Truth is not kind. Actually it can be. This dude just really seems butt hurt.  Sit in a corner and sing this song. Being barefoot is essential.  Be a fake hippie with this great song.



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