All I Want for Christmas is Santa With Muscles

All I want for Christmas

Still holds up for me. I really like it still. It is cute, not funny but smiley. And New York snowy. It is a mindless movie but has some heart and is well done for being a cute teen comedy. Thora Birch is little kid awesome sauce. It has President Walden when he was just a bumbling dad owning a diner and making me crave cheeseburgers and shakes. There is even a child labor music montage. And cute mice shenanigans. Other shenanigans are also present. Highly recommend though it maybe my 13 year old self recommending it more than current Vivi. I assure you 13 year old Vivi also had excellent taste.

Santa With Muscles

Hulk Hogan becomes a Santa fighting for good in this comedy caper from 1996. Hehe I just sounded like one of those over excited movie people. It is super cheesy. Crazy sound effects. Tired dialogue but it was fun. Mindless fun. Okay maybe not but still something I had to see and I suspect most of you will want to too. Some other notes:

  • Never stop to smell the roses or the Hulk will beat you down
  • Why do all the henchmen scream when they are trying to attack you?
  • oooh kungfu chauffeur and two mexican gardners!! diversity!!
  • That was the gayest “lets roll” ever
  • Hogan’s idea of acting is to pretend like he is on blow. Okay maybe it isn’t acting
  • Evil ice cream van almost killed Garret Morris … that is wrong
  • I can’t believe it took three people to write this
  • I forgot there is pre-teen Mila Kunis
  • Why you have to make ice cream evil?
  • Totes down with elf tossing. if they are elves it isn’t wrong like midgets right?
  • Yeah the combo to the scary vault is going to be multiples of 8. Because that is secure
  • More child labor yay. Though this one is just rumored.
  • They blew up a church and orphanage. That is like double hell right?
  • They basically created a fartman

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