Fat Albert Conquers the Martians

More Christmas show reviews!!!! This may be my last before the big day.

Fat Albert Christmas Special.

This is my first Fat Albert show so I really didn’t know who they were. This was a Jesus and A Christmas Carol themed episode. The jumbled group of kids did good things to allow a mother to have a kid in a shed.  It was sweet and interesting to watch. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it unless you like Fat Albert.  Strangest thing was the laugh track. Best part was my favorite joke: You remind me of a school in summertime… no class.

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

I think MST3K did this movie which totally makes sense. This movie was that kind of campy bad fun. I really enjoy it and might add it to my yearly list of things to watch. I would definitely watch this over Santa with Muscles.  Things I observed:

  • Kick Ass intro  song that I need to have for my party.
  • I love the martians and now decided I want to dress up like a martian for Christmas. Tis the season after all.
  • The children can speak English and watch Earth TV but have no clue what a doll is? You just saw the damn commercial. You aren’t the dumb martian kids.
  • Mustached martian. There is martian porn right? I might need to see that. Do they fuck the green off like the Smurf one?
  • We are from Mars, don’t be afraid. Good opening line.
  • Ooh capes. My martian inside needs a cape.
  • Voldar is uppity and might need to be schooled.
  • Voldar of the hill people!
  • Fuck I think Voldar needs a good Saturn ringing in his Uranus.
  • I want a dude in a polar bear suit for Christmas. Not in a furry way, you perv.
  • There are robots on the North Pole? What the fuck? Oh that is a martian thing
  • Voldar is an ass.
  • Oh martian jokes.  Martian-mallows. Those will be at my Christmas party.
  • Santa is a fuckin marshmallow. Voldar is evil. Trust the children.
  • Fight Fight Fight!!
  • I take it back Santa is a maniacal badass. That laugh is so creepy. He probably tortures elves.
  • Now he is teaching everyone to laugh crazy, shudder Santa shudder.
  • Mutant toys. Those are what I want for christmas
  • The most surreal fight with martians, toys and children. Santa is in a corner smoking a pipe and laughing. He is a creepy creepy man.

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