Tings I Learned: Winter Holidays (and bonus!)

My winter holiday vacation is quickly coming to a close and I was busy hanging with family and other important things (coughwiicough) but I did learn some things. Providing I remember them all-

  • Hobbits don’t like adventures (we all knew that right?)
  • Goblins are horrible horrible at construction
  • I love Gollum songs
  • Kili is the prettiest dwarf
  • I am super fortunate to have the friends and family I do. Sharing these holidays with them made it great.
  • I am not allowed to have hazelnut chocolate things near arms reach.
  • Princess Peach needs to buy a condo or a mansion and stay away from castles
  • You shouldn’t give mutant turtles power to do space tings
  • Beer is more festive in a glass with penguins and deer.
  • Luigi is the worst fighter and Donkey Kong is a close second
  • Yin Yarn is a douche
  • When you buy a game on the Wii virtual console and it says it is from Japan, it isn’t translated into English.
  • I still know most of the secrets from Super Mario 3
  • Munchkin is the best game in the world and everyone should play it.
  • Use LiveJournal again! (sponsored by Rachel who is bringing it back)
  • Songza is the best app ever for life and discovering new music.

Mini Vivi Tells you What to listen to

1. Ashley’s Song

Cutest song ever. Omg it is so so cute. I heard it in Super Smash Brawl during the Warioware Inc Stage. So adorable. Listen. Dance. Do it

2. Rabbit- Great Is Better

More pop happy. So it is a theme. I used this to make Sunday morning breakfast. Good idea for you too.  Listen make eggs, dance. Don’t put eggs in the coffee because you are so eggcited (geddit!!! i AM A geniUS)

3. Fiest & Ben Gibbard- Train Song

Cute and sweet. Found it from Songza. Seriously people this app reads your mind (shush hipster!). I have a huge list and I have used it for about an hour. It makes you bounce your head back and forth. Listen enjoy

I will be back in full force in the New Year but I can’t leave you hanging.

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