Golden Globes: An exercise in sameness

I think I have reached my peak of watching the Golden Globes and maybe the Oscars. The last couple of years there has been some highlights but more of the same. I compare the Oscars as my “superbowl”. So the question I have is, do people find the Superbowl boring after years of watching it?
I guess sports are different than people in fancy clothes congratulating each other for 3 (+ for the Oscars) hours. They both have required outfits and have one relevant play every 10 minutes.   I did make some notes:

  • I know it is his ting but I hate the two finger kiss from Quentin T .. I am 10 minutes into this thing and tired of it already…
  • Leo is pretty tonite
  • Fey and Pohler are so amazing together. They should host everything
  • Simmmer down audience0– I can’t hear Don Cheadle and Eva Longoria
  • I know you got  C. zeta jones to announce Les Miserables because she says France and Les Miserables all fancylike
  • It so weirds me out that Damian Lewis has a super british accent and citing people named Chip and Pippa.
  • Seriously people it is 35 min in and you all are drunk. Go home golden globes you are drunk
  • Robert Downey Jr was just kissing up all over Mel Gibson. So he is cool now or does RDJ get a free pass?
  • mmmmm Jason Statham….. mmmmm i apologize if most of my notes are mmmmm yummy
  • Crazy enough to make this movie? Life of Pi composer. Seriously, it’s a popular book. Someone would have made this movie, regardless and someone else would have composed it.. You aren’t that special. Well a bit; you got an award from some foreigners that want to be cool.
  • Kevin Costner is not better than Benedict Cumberbatch… fuck you
  • Is it wrong that I forget sometimes that Bill Clinton was a president?
  • Tommy Lee Jones isn’t legally able to smile
  • mmmm Nathan Fillion
  • Marion Cotillard… yummmy
  • Anne Hathaway would never make it in to the fellowship (is it secret, is it safe?)
  • Does Jeremy Irons think he is auditioning for Lincoln? Does he know it is too late?
  • Stallone and Schwartzy to give out the foregn language film award. Clever
  • Akso aren’t those the “domestic” films and the rest foreign language? Since it is Foreign Press Asssociation. Ow my head
  • RDJ  yumma
  • That is why Jodi foster is here (lifetime achievement)
  • Affleck won and got a standing ovation. I am so happy for him. He does good work. Keep it up.
  • Bill Murray is running a saloon in his spare time

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