Vivi Tells You What to Listen to, pt 37

No theme. My brain has lost all ability to think of a theme. So you just get songs. I will still do commentary because I am awesome. Or nice. Or both. Or just unwilling to throw stuff on a page without me putting some words in.  Get in the van if you want to live (I also have candy):

1. Justin Timberlake- What Goes Around… Comes Around

Timberlake has a new album coming out later this year and this Vivi is super excited. Like going to run through a field of monkeys, excited.  His new song, Suit and Tie is available to listen to on his website.  I love the new song. I am also severely JT biased.  I would have featured the song in this list but I know it will just get pulled from youtube at the moment. So we will revisit a classic. With a video that has ScarJo! You love this because you love me and are also way more excited bout the Timberlake album than Bowie’s new album. Bowie? is that a type of knife?   This video also has the strangest interstitial scene.

2. Haysi Fantayzee- Shiny Shiny

I missed this song. But to be fair I was 5 when it came out. So I wasn’t at the forefront of the music scene. Yet. This video is as bouncy quirky as the song.  Though the main girl is very not bouncy. Like she wants to be but the pills she is on prevents that.  And there is a reverse lay in the song! And a horny bunny! Omg I love this song.  The male lead singer is very Alan Cumming-esque.

3. Josie Cotton- Johnny Are You Queer

I’ve held on to this song for a while. It is a fun poptastic song. I found it on the John Waters Valentines Day album which has a great selection of “love” songs.

4. Fun.- Why Am I The One

So I super love Fun. I think I love Nate Ruess’ voice a lot along with their awesome rock-pop melodies. Those are things right? Acoustic version!! WORDS!! Longing!!! Beautiful!!!

5. Fun. Sight of the Sun

Two-fer because me loves. You loves now. They love the sun. You might like Girls too and this song is even more awesome. I do not know Girls. The show. I know girls because I am one. I think. Let me check…. Yup still a girl. Whoosh that was close.

6. Her Space Holiday- Japanese Gum

I would put this in my top songs. Like the music and phrasing. It isn’t a happy song so probably don’t use it on happy days. Use it on level days like a Tuesday or Wednesday. Def not a Friday song– WhichI guess it is either Rebecca Black or Cure- take your pick from that mess. Use it to write letters to pen pals. Make sure to not chastise them for being whores.

7. Bon Jovi- Because We Can

New Bon Jovi!! Aren’t you excited? I sure am! Okay I am not. But this song caught me and now I am its little bitch. It is catchy and has that anthemic beat and chorus. I wanna sing it loud while I am floating in a pool of meh.   You know a 1000 politicians are Hunger Gamesing to have this as their campaign song. Which should make me hate this song but I refuse to hate it.  Because I CAN! Sir Jovi told me.

8. Mates of State-Jigsaw

Do puzzles with this song playing. I really have nothing else. Maybe make lemonade for your kids lemonade stand. Don’t let the child make the lemonade. I know I know it is good for them to do everything in this business venture. But 50 cent lemonade made by a kid is horrible. Back to Jigsaw. Not the Saw dude but the puzzles. Corners and borders first then fill in the middle. Don’t go middle, out like some fucking crazy person. I will admit you, I am not beyond that.

9. Damnwells- I Will Keep The Bad Things From You

Beautiful, simple. Romantic.  Raw. Listen while cuddle up in bed with your lover. Entertwine hands, kiss, get mushy. No one will know and you will experience this beautiful form of quiet love that beats all flowers and chocolate.
Bonus if you know how to play guitar to sing it to your love for the big V-day (less than a month away to learn it!)

10. Phoenix- Lisztomania

Cavegirl love Phoenix. Me like them from an album or two before this one. Me first to liking them. ME tastemaker. You follower. Song good. Song fun. Song has name of composer Julian Sands played in Impromptu. Me know too much. Me go now.


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