Vivi tells you what to listen to, pt 38

Starting off this week with some new finds from me. Too lazy to vouch if these are actually new songs or not. But they are awesome songs for reals. I am honest and don’t lie. You should also see the video for this Dinosaur Jr Song called Pierce The Morning Rain. The song is very DJ but the video is amazing awesome.

New To Me

1. Everything Everything- Cough Cough

Fun Fun Fun till something takes something away. I would say to have sex to this song but some parts would probably require lots of cocaine. Maybe it isn’t cocaine fast. I don’t know drugs really. The bear or dog or whatever really scared me good to not do anything. This song is fun. Did I mention that?

2. The Hives- Go Right Ahead

This song was featured during the latest Vampire Diaries. I think it was some lakeside scene but not sure exactly. Hot guys on my screen not having the sex like I demanded them to do. This song is rocking and a bit rolling and starts off with clapping!!!  This makes me happy. Not as happy as a Klaus/Damon/Tyler situation.  But closeish. I need to use my hands constantly is what I am getting at.
3. Free Energy- Girls Want Rock

More clapping. They are the IT ting at the moment it seems. Well except Pitchfork but they don’t count. It is power pop at the awesomeness. So listen in the sun. Hoping you have sun and if you have rain or snow (sucks to be you!), sorry.  Pretend there is sun if you need. Margaritas in the living room laying out on blankets with all of your floor lamps on you. Your cat may look at you weird but fuck them, they layout on hard surfaces all day.
4. Ty Segall – Thank God For Sinners

It has that 70s Psychedelic rockish feel. Late Beatles early insert-other-group-here. Video is super interesting. Pull out all those velvet posters of dolphins and saints and hang them up. Then lay out on your bed and stare at the glow and the dark stars on the ceiling.  Zone out and have fun. I also suggest Peggle.  Tons of Peggle.

5. MKTO – Thank You

I guess this is a song that is a commentary on older people screwing the younger people. Which is a great idea but I am so thrown off by the severe popness being the vehicle to deliver this message. I guess I expected a ballad, heart felt guitar rock. But a Hot Chelle Rae with rap makes me not take it seriously. Especially since I didn’t realize there was a message until I took the time to read a YouTube comment and then listen to the lyrics. Either way it is catchy. Maybe you will agree, maybe you will tell the whippersnappers to get off your lawn. Either way listen and understand that you really like this song. As much as you try to fight it.

Almost Won An Oscar:

And as a link to the newest Junk’s Trunk, I will feature songs that were eligible to be nominated for an Oscar this year but weren’t.
The songs that were nominated are:

Before My Time – Chasing Ice
Everybody Needs A Best Friend – TED
Pi’s Lullaby- Life of Pi
Skyfall- Skyfall

They are fine songs but nothing special. And it is strange that the Seth McFarlane song is there when he is also hosting (CONSPIRACYOOOOOH). Anywhoooizzle. Here are the songs for this week:
6. Fiona Apple – Dull Tool

From: This is 40
This song is typical awesome Fiona as you should all be well versed into (based on other lists). So this means it is better than most songs that were eligible to be nominated and than of the ones nominated. It is really making me happy. Maybe the cursing in the song is making the old academy people weary. They want to know how hard it is for a pimp but not really to fuck when you fuck. Since the Cialis has dried up and the gift bags have no more.

7. Rick Ross – 100 Black Coffins

From: Django Unchained
I haven’t seen this movie yet but I assume it is during an awesome part (even if it is the credits or opening, it is QT!!!). Rick Ross is a quality rapper of this age and this song shows that even more. It brings in the western feel well. And with gun shot rhythm to highlight the title. I am bouncing to this song though I feel like I should be more sullen. It is a good gentle lowriding song. Maybe don’t get so up with the bass but a little bit didn’t hurt no body.

8. Elisa Toffoli- Ancora Qui

From: Django Unchained
This is in Italian and because of that and how much I am prepping for my future trip abroad, I know ALL the lyrics. It is talking about the plight of the snow bunny in the western scene. Having to avoid all the gun violence of the humans and still stay pure and clean. The bunny does want to help kill the evil but as a vegetarian, it is hard to reconcile those feelings. So the bunny carries on with this burden wandering over the tumbleweeds and trying not to prick its little bunny mouth eating cactus. It is just such a beautiful tale. One for all to hear now that you know the meaning you will appreciate this beautiful song more.

9. Karen O- Strange Love

From: Frankenweenie
So cute and fun. Tropical song for a reanimated dog. So apropos  It has dog barking in it! And it isn’t annoying!!  Omg it is so adoraboos. I am squeeing but trying to hold it in for you all. Since I am a proper lady that doesn’t squee. Except I am singing along and dancing. Nothing wrong with a little hula in the morning.
10. Mumford and Sons/Birdy- Learn Me Right

From: Brave
Has the Irish feel with out being clogging (see what I did there?). I love me some Birdy and some Mumford and Sons so I love me some of this song. Do a gentle jig and enjoy this little ditty.  Dye your hair red (you look sexy in red) and join in the song. Breakout a washboard or one of those drums with a brush. Have some fun. Don’t get too drunk. This song isn’t for drinking, it is for coffee with a wee bit of booze. Morning drinking song. Yes that is what this is. With some eggs maybe. Nah just more coffee with whiskey. Maybe bacon. Ain’t nothing wrong with bacon int he morning.

11. Owl City- When Can I See You Again?

From: Wreck it Ralph
I realized I like Owl City a lot. I think it is because if the Main Street Electrical Parade and more pop were injected into Death Cab For Cutie. This decreases on the jam bandness if I happen to see this in concert. The electricalness works for the video game premise of Wreck It Ralph. Clap and dance along. Sing-a-long to this song too. I think it requires it. Good with lemonade maybe with a bit of vodka.
12. Neil Finn- Song of the Lonely Mountain

Drink lots of scotch with this and lament with your fellow men about your long lost homeland. This song is so epically beautiful it is a travesty of a sham of a shamockery that it wasn’t nominated.  Sing songs of your lost treasures and plan to slay dragons. Dragons totes exist and are real y’all. You have my sword (if I had one). Hmmm how about you have my lip gloss. Maybe in a large amounts (which I have) it can be dangerous? That is all I have. All the darves will have pretty lips. That might distract a goblin or too.
13. Brooklyn Brothers- Come On Girl

From: Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best

SO  POPPPY AWESOME. Almost Brit-Pop from the 90s awesome.   No idea about the movie. Let me research it. BRB. Looks like a simple film about the music that may or may not be good depending on your taste. It is probably thin on plot and maybe acting. Didn’t read the reviews. I do suggest giving it a try if you are interested. That was helpful right? At least listen to the soundtrack.
14. Matthew McConaughey- Ladies of Tampa

From: Magic Mike
This is by far the best song here and the one that should have been nominated. If at all to have a shirtless, vested McConuaghey singing this song to Jack Nicholson. Omg that would be amazing. PUHLEEASE add it in again. Ooh and Channing Tatum too. And Matt Bomer.  lets do them all.  All serenading Cloons and Nicholson. PUHLEEEASE.  I beseech you.  Let’s get this write in movement going.


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