Cute Gaming: Pikmin

Look at how cute

With exception of the white one above, those are the cutest little slaves in the world. Is that wrong for me to say? Maybe there are other slaves that are cuter but I think we really should be abolishing slavery rather than creating the 50 most beautiful slaves in the world. People article.

These minions, slaves, flower power helpers are the integral part of the game series Pikmin. My first experience with it was in Super Smash Brawl , in which Olimar and his crew try to bash the heads in of other characters like Kirby and Donkey Kong.  I found them  annoying in Super Smash Brawl and adorable in Pikmin 2.

Pikmin 2 is my intro to this world. In this game Olimar and Louie are two bulbous headed dudes(creatures? blobs with eyes?) that land on a distant planet to harvest scraps for money to pay the debt of their country. I can’t believe this is a viable option. I am going to bring back a ton of pasta from Italy to try to pay back the debt of America. It is worth way more than a bottle cap or floppy disk.

In order to retrieve these objects you control hordes of Pikmin to do your work for you. They make the cutest noises and do whatever you ask. You “ask” them by throwing the Pikmin at the object and they just start doing their work. You can make more and more Pikmin by killing bugs and pulling flowers and having the Pikmin grow more of themselves. It is a strange cute thing that the world of Nintendo specializes in.

I had fun playing this game. Picking up bottle caps with 15 cute little red squeaky things. All desperately willing to please me (Olimar or Louie).  There is even a GLaDOS-like spaceship that talks to you and helps navigate you through the game. Not as sarcastically desolate as GLaDOS, still has some of that charm we all know and love.

Everything started of nice and fun. Sunshine, green grass, an abundance of Pikmin-making flowers. I built my little nest of 4 minions up to 40, 50, 60 quickly. I even killed some bugs and recovered some treasure.

Then I encountered my ambush by those little bugs (which are adorable in their attacking little ways). I lost two Pikmin. My heart fell that two of these beautiful ground creatures sacrificed their lives to save the rest of the crew and their controllers. I even wanted to notify their families of their service to the world (did I mention that I have been watching tons of West Wing lately?). Though I am not sure they have families and if they do it is probably the other ones that lives. So they were notified by watching their brother or sister (I can’t figure them out) die.

I came to terms with their passing and created more Pikmin to fill the hole in my heart. I ended up in a garden with bridges to be smashed, bugs to kill, strawberries to process  There was this small pond (probably super shallow) that had a bridge. I learned earlier if you throw enough Pikmins at the bridges, they fall.

So I threw Pikmins. I threw a lot of Pikmins. When they are destroying things they move fast. So it looked like they were splashing working hard in the pond (did I mention that it was small?). It took me three seconds to realize that the splashing was their crazed cries of help. I tried calling them back to land but it was too late. I killed them all.

Pikmin can’t swim.

I cried. Real tears for their animated deaths.

Luckily I restarted the level and learned my mistake.

Though a bit later I lost about 100 of my Pikmins in a horrible rolly bug incident. He just dopey rolled over all of them and they perished. I couldn’t save those by a restart. They are forever gone, forever remembered.

This game drives me to want to drink a little. I am not equipped to have minions.  I think this ends my run at joining the Evil League of Evil.

Did I forget to mention that this all happened on MLK Jr day?

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