Vivi Tells You What to Listen to, Pt 39 (Don’t trope on your way out)

Trying to come up with a list this week (sorry for the long delay) and since I didn’t have a theme, I realized that I generally choose the same type of songs. I play myself off as the one that has so much musical variety and I might more than others. However they are all variants on a theme.  I was going to switch it up a lot but instead I decided to just shove it all in your face. Probably not a good idea for me to pull away the curtian but I just got some Glenda the Good Witch Makeup  and I am all for being the one to giggle and tell you that you could have gone home all along. You decided to go on this Yellow Brick Road of a list and you will see all of your friends dressed up like crazy LSD addled creatures. Well not friends. I guess Dorothy just hung out with old people. Which isn’t weird at all and doesn’t drive any child to fevered madness. Noooooooooooo.

1. Elin Ruth – Bang 

The song that sounds like a woman from the 60s. It even has that at the Grease dance feel. You will be slow dancing in your socks to this song wishing you could get fucked in that poodle skirt and cat eye glasses. But it is 2013 and unless this is some theme thing or kink thing maybe stop trying so hard. Wow that was harsh. The song is prettier than I was.

2. Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite- I Don’t Believe a Word You Say

Blues. Dirty blues. Well maybe I don’t choose a lot of dirty blues but I do choose songs that have that feel. That 60s blues/soul stuff.  This song is exceptionally good. Like seriously good. Like you should be drinking coffee and developing cigarette habits while trying to wade through the thick haze of awesome.

3.  Bright Eyes- First Day of My Life

Falls into two categories: omg-I-always-loved-this-song and simple singer-songwriter. It really is one of the most romantic songs out there. You might even shed a tear. Which is good because it confirms to yourself that you aren’t a robot. I know you worry sometimes. Being kind of metal and moving so stiffly, does that to you.  Maybe you will find another pesudo-robot at that Starbucks while you are listening to this little ditty.

4. Pusha T feat Rick Ross-Millions

I wanna seem like I listen to rap allll the time. When I don’t that often. I go through phases. I have a couple of go-to people I listen to (Kanye, Jay Z, Rick Ross). And guess who is on this song? Rick Ross. I am soooooooooo unique. This song is great, catchy. Good rhymes. That is all I say about these songs too. So this one might give you a bass habit (the thump thump not the splish splash). If you are white like me, have fun trying to look bad ass thump thumping to this song. I look like a fool but I own my fool. .

5. Cary Brothers- If You Were Here

More singer-songwriters. This one also falls into I-heard-it-on-a-show-I-am-probably-too-old-to-watch (Vampire Diaries). So many manwiches on that show. So so many. Yes there are. Oh the song. I like them. Like most of you I know them from the Garden State soundtrack. So my “liking them” is limited to two songs. It is beautiful. It makes me want to ride in a meadow on a bike with a basket. Maybe I would have a baguette in the basket or a puppy. If the puppy was small enough I could have both. (don’t eat the puppy, eat the baguette).  I would name the puppy Pane. No that is the bread. Sigh. Song pretty. You listen.

6. Tegan and Sara- Closer

That indie pop style. Poppy but very electronic. Tegan and Sara is really good. This song bouncy. Like they do in the video, have 80s style parties and swing on swings. Dress up awesomesauce and do the awesome with each other. Its an order.

7. New Politics -Harlem

Indie rock. Electronic with hand clapping (preferred). I really want to dance like a spastic monkey to this song but I am writing this instead. You dance now. More spastically. Drink gin and tonics to this song and enjoy the beat beat beat.

8. Brown Bird- Fingers to the Bone

That folk country. You know banjos and washboards sound. The Mumford and Sons problem. You start with them then you migrate to the Lumineers and other groups and then you end up here. I really do love it but I am wading a bit through the murky waters of the banjo and cotton dresses. Wanting to drink sweet tea with tall spoons.

9. Ke$ha- Blow (Deconstructed)

Me bringing out the same artists over and over again. This is acoustic Ke$ha though!! Her version of it. Which has a bit of that haunt to it. It is amazing!!!!! You get glitter on you in slow time. A bit of glitter didn’t hurt anyone. Well some would disagree but I love a little glitter every now an then. But no sparklecrotches. I cut the line at sparklecrotch.

10. Chopin – Fantaisie Impromptu

One of my favorite classical pieces. Trying to shake things up a wee bit. This is a good fingering song. I highly recommend getting fingered to this song. And yes guys you can get fingered you just need to be open a bit. Lay back and let it happen. Maybe on grass while eating grapes. There was this porno…..   Oh song music. It is just good. And you should like good things because you aren’t evil or Oscar the Grouch.


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