Cramming for the Oscars- Pt 1

I came up with the brilliant plan to watch all of the Best Picture nominated movies before the Oscars airs this Sunday (Feb 24). I had seen a couple of them weeks ago but now rushing to see them all. Oh and I am also trying to watch all the Documentary Feature nominees, and a couple of the animated feature nominees. So basically I am crazy. Having a blast though but crazy.
I will try to give you a pro/con list for these movies to help you decide if you want to see them. I cram so you can leisurely pick through these movies like apples at a farmers market in springtime (what the fuck does that even mean?). My head seriously has a southern voice as I type this and I haven’t even seen Beasts of the Southern Wild yet (spoiler: it will be in part 3 or 4).

I will also recap the Oscars themselves for you. Because I care. Also I am already going to watch it so why not let this snooze fest (ahem- exciting show) gets some mileage for me.

Best Picture Nominees

-Space boobs!
-You get to learn history from Ben Affleck. Which is pretty sweet to me.
-70s caper feel.

-Character development is virtually non-existent
-For an Oscar nominated film a bit more artistic touches would have been good.
-It made me sad for all the things I can’t do on a plane anymore.

Django Unchained
-Bloody good show old….. chap (you thought I was going to use another word).
-Leonardo DiCapro was awwwwwwwwwesome (probably why I have the southern accent. It won’t leave)
-Made me like a western. Good show QT

-QT cameo
-QT cameo
-Sad that the Crockett in the white jacket appearance had no Tubbs.

Les Miserables
-Not a sing-a-long (seriously you need to do some more karaoke sessions)
-Awesome performances from Gavroche, Eponine, Thenardier
-Amazing intro that makes you kind of want to be in prison (a bit. Then you have Russell Crowe singing at you. Do  people still find him hot? )(moms probably Note by Andreaboo)

-Not a sing-a-long
-Anne Hathaway hype. Her performance was great. She is great in everything I have seen but honestly she cut her hair short and cried. The girl who played Eponine was just as good as Hathaway but since she isn’t Hathaway or Monkey’s Pawed her hair, she didn’t get any attention.
-At first the “unique” way they recorded the songs is a bit off but you quickly get adjusted.
-Marius’s friend is cuter than Marius.

Zero Dark Thirty
-Spies!!! ( I really think I was a baby spy killing people with games of Peek-a-boom)
-Homeland but on the big screen! (Or Small screen then just like Homeland)
-Chris Pratt

-Some could find it slow. I like movies that are very methodical so it wasn’t a full con for me.
-Even though it is trying to rest heavily on facts it is still a movie. So I would have liked a bit more character development on some people other than Maya.

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