Cramming for the Oscars- Pt 2

Every movie I watch I love so so much and think it is the best thing for a moment. And I think about the movie for hours (days in the case of Zero Dark Thirty).  However unlike before I am not becoming super jaded about any of these movies. This may be bad for you all. However I would never recommend a movie I didn’t thoroughly enjoy.

I do have a movie haze from watching all of these in such a short time. I am not blending them together however my head is a moving picture blur. Actually that is always my head. Carrying on.

Best Picture (2 more and 3 to go)

Beasts of the Southern Wild
-fuckin beautiful. Like People 50 most beautiful people but really are movies, beautiful
-love this fantasy drama concept. Real concepts that we all can see but with this outlining magical sparkly touch.
-it makes me want to live in a bathtub
-maybe a bit wandering in the storytelling but it is from the POV of a 6 year old
-wish there were more beasts (so fucking adoraboos)

-Goat chariot! (new mud-metal band and I want one!)
-Someone diffused a gun with a PILE OF LEAVES
-I am a sucker for a good floor debate. Bonus points if it involves the word “nincompoop”
-Beautiful shots. Is that cinematography or art directon or both? I know nothing of movies.
-Tommy Lee Jones is good old sassy curmudgeon.

-I hate Sally Field. Correction- I hate crazy ass bitches. She was fine in Spiderman
-Rob Lincoln was a petulant little bastard. CORRECTION: everyone save Abe was a PLB
This is why he  a)talked so much (to shut them up) b) yelled at them to stop being little bitches
-MTL – They will all think of me as crazy. SHUT UP
-He didn’t say the best known Lincoln quote “Be Excellent to each other and Party on dudes”

Best Lincoln Ever

Random Nominated Movies (seen earlier in the year)

Moonrise Kingdom

-visually stunning
-Ed Norton and the two main children gave amazing performances
-great if you like Wes Anderson and don’t want all of the snark

-nothing. I loved it too much.

The Master
-See Amy Adams be amazing
-Get indoctrinated into the plan from looking at PSH squishy red cheeks!!
-Get drunk from the fumes from his insane moonshine!

-Get scoliosis from just watching Joaquin Phoenix stand!
-Music is disconcerting as that time Shelly dropped a box of cymbals from the magnolia tree.

-Javier Bardem
-the new Q (hummna hummna)
-great story and great way to reset the movies to the more “classic” Bond

-Some plot flaws that were more obvious that annoyed me (electronic prison)
-no henchmen tribute video. We really need to take time to properly mourn these men who so valiantly give their lives for an evil coocoommagoos.

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