Cramming for the Oscars- Pt 3

Last part. The part where we see how much I have accomplished. Did I check off all the movies I wanted to see off my list? Who will know? I do know I feel a bit crazy but exhilarated to do this. Never have I been so excited and determined to see movies. It was a bit tiring but a great experience.

(Addendum: this is the next to the last part. Going to do documentaries last. This is probably the last of the movies you care about. Though you should see some of the documentaries)

Animated Features


-Coraline-esque (yayay)
-funny without being too cheeky or too adult (looking at you Shrek)
-Anna Kendrick
-small details made it great- kid with gauges, zombie faces, redneck snack food, mob dropping all sorts of weapons

-too short (hehe)
-made me cry
-can’t think of cons.


-her hair. I want it and it was amazing.
-“you made a bear!”
-it finally ended

-2 minutes in and I was boooooorrreeeed. 40 minutes in booorrrrreeed.
-your daughter and wife were gone for a full day and you didn’t wonder at all where they were?
-Yeah we stitched your mom being a bear into the tapestry. Because, ya know, we may forget that one time your mom was a BEAR
-second Disney movie I have seen where someone turns to a bear. It really seems this is true:

Best Picture Nominees (continued)


– broke down and cried hard after this. Which doesn’t seem good but it was a cathartic thing. I feel cleaner.
-Artistically beautiful. These simple processes that are done in real time complete with sounds.
-No score save music actually apart of the story, made the story more compelling
-Emanuelle Riva is absolutely beautiful and an amazing actress.

-Having a movie essentially compiled of simple processes in real time made the movie crawl so slowly
-Insanely hard to watch because of its realness

Pro or Con?:
-Old French lady boobs

Life of Pi

-It is beautifully shot (I feel redundant with some of these)
-I do like the narrator’s voice. It is soothing
-Indian JESUS
-aww tiger doing cute tiger thing

-not good if you are animals-getting-hurt sensitive
-not good if you like movies that aren’t ridiciously boring
-This movie was so boring I was wishing I could go back to watching old people die than this boy survive.
-I cried for those poor animals and then to find out it is all fucked
-It made me want to believe in God so I could hate him for having this movie made in his name.

Silver Linings Playbook

-the acting is super good especially Jennifer Lawrence and Robert DeNiro
-some really good scenes
-good shots of JL booty

-made crazy seem fixable with some good dance numbers and love
-all the running made me tired (note don’t watch Prefontane of that other running movie)
-bored with it until about an hour into this movie (and I survived Amour)

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