A Very Special Vivi Tells You What to Listen To

I really wish I could say that I had some sort of mega teen crisis (drugs, pregnancy, drunk driving, a huge nose zit)  that was reconciled by some one crying and shaking me violently but sadly I am not an after-school special. Two things before I get to the topic at hand. 1- Why did after-school specials stop? Aren’t there topics teens still need to be taught about? Did that migrate over to every Degrassi episode? (Thanks Canada I know know about gonorrhea of the mouth)
2- At what point does it become okay to shake someone violently? Well not super violently–  but you know what I mean. Obviously you can’t shake babies. Toddlers and young children are out. Pre-teens? Probably out too. Maybe teens. If they did something really stupid like use Bing to search for reviews of the Smurfs Movie. Maybe you should shake them a bit. Just a bit. That is okay right? I mean it is Bing. And they would be all “at least I didn’t Ask Jeeves. Like you did in the olden days”. Then you can shake them just a wee bit more. Lets lot escalate this too quickly.

Back to the topic at hand. I could give you a list of perfectly fine songs that both you and I would enjoy. And I will get back to the usual format.  I should do a track by track analysis of this album but honestly, it would be hard for me to do that.

Maybe it is like encountering a true love or close friend for the first time. Time and place and circumstance is everything. Maybe it is fate drawing you too it. A literal Siren song bringing you to its lush shores.  I am not sure how to explain it fully but I will try.

There are some albums or songs that sweep me over so fully with emotion that I lose ability to speak (great for a blog I know, shush your face).  They get me extremely happy or fill me with this pure complete love. I realized it slightly hard to explain if you haven’t experienced it.

I really hope you all have and that we can share in this common experience.

The album in question here is Damien Rice’s O.  I had mentioned  him in  an earlier Vivi Tells You.  I said that Andreaboo tried to get me to like Damien Rice and I couldn’t get it to stick. Today was the day for optimum stickage (also the name of my porn with a Vin Diesel look alike).

I put this album on craving for something mellow but with a strong voice. A clear voice (both singing and album tone) that I could latch into me.  I was fully in by the first two songs (Delicate and Volcano) but by the time Blower’s Daughter came on, I was a ball of emotion and tears. . I was thinking of cuddling on sunny mornings listening to music. Just experiencing the warmth and music with no spoken words. Those moments of pure peace, love and joy that fill your soul.

The rest of the album over-swept me. I didn’t really pay attention to the lyrics, I’ll admit. The music and the voices just carried me through on my journey.

For a moment I was sad that I didn’t encounter this album sooner.

Then I realized this was my time for this album.

I listened while I was working  and realized I was constantly stopping to fully realize the songs. That sounds a bit new-agey but I can’t find another way to describe it.

All of my comments to myself and Andreaboo were of the vein “I fucking love this”.   Besides this album, I had this experience when watching My Neighbor Totoro.  For the movie I was felt with love and child-like joy. Just seeing something beautiful and simple and wondrous before my eyes made me double over in excitement.  But it was the same overwhelming enveloping experience.

This album is a carried a bit bit more solemn tone and one that burrowed deep into my emotional core (wow I should write a 7 Steps to the Self-Actualized Bunny in You book.  Maybe a pamphlet a book is a bit daunting).   However both were experiences that opened me (TWSS).

I maybe repeating myself a bit,  but I am searching to find the exact words to say to explain how different I feel after listening to this album. I feel like a new world has opened up to me even though I won’t change any of my daily life.  It is possible I  could look at something differently now. Maybe write more (hahah).  Maybe choose a new book to read because of this album resting somewhere inside of me.   I know every moment will be better because I have this album in my life whenever I need it.

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