I Want You to Give me Albums (suggestions)

I made a post to Facebook when searching for earworms but now this has evolved to more of a project. I am curious to listen to and even more to see your suggestions for albums.

It may be this new record you just discovered or one of your lifelong favorites. I want to hear them. And then I will make posts about my listening experience.


Since music is a personal experience and I know some of you might be sharing deep parts of yourself, I will not post a negative review.

It will be happy bunnies or stoic bunnies all around. I respect the music people love and will not disparage it for the purpose of these posts.

If your favorite album happens to fall during when I am reviewing another album (e.g ICP), sorry about that. M’bad. Didn’t know.

For example a couple of albums I will suggest to you are:

Head and the Heart, Head and the Heart:  It is my latest love and discovery. It swells me with happiness.

Prince, Purple Rain: Seriously if you haven’t heard this yet, I should bop you on the head. Best album of ALL TIME.

Aimee Mann, Charmer: My go-to listening album when I don’t have something specific in mind. Simple pure  and fun songs.

Emilie Autumn-Opheliac: unique and so good. Probably the most soul-bearing on the list.


So now get started. Comments here, or tweet me  @lushrain with your suggestions.

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