Vivi Tells You What to Listen to–pt 40

It kind of has been a long time since I have done one of these. M’bad? I am back and hopefully will bring you mirth and light to this awesome world of music. I usually sort through the songs I collect and give you what i deem the ones you should know about. I have decided this week just to talk about the songs in my YouTube playlist without vetting them. It will be an adventure. Like a theme park. I honestly haven’t been to a lot o theme parks or ridden on the rides but since i love the analogies, I shall compare thee to a carnival ride. Thou art more lovely and limbful. I will eventually run out of these catchy ideas and either repeat or haiku. Pray for repeat.
Oh btw I am most familiar with Disneyland so yeah.

1. Lesli – Summer Wind

I don’t think this is the Frank Sinatra song. Oh it is a dude. Was totes not expecting that. Pretty and sweet. Good voice. I love me a good voice.
Ride: Boat ride around the man-made lake. You may mock it at first. Man-made lake? We have real lakes to ride boats. Then you find this ride is way more fun and way less Willy Wonka than you thought. You pat yourself on the back for insisting everyone take this little adventure.

2. MFBTY- Sweet Dream

I love it. K-Pop goodness. I love how these songs have English choruses. They are trying to woo us.
Ride: Pirates of the Caribbean. Calm and fun but with some good dips now and then. And a song that you will have in your head well after you leave the ride.

3. David Mayfield Parade- I Just Might Pray

Omg this song is so adorable. The video is so adorable and sweet. It is like if Etsy were a music video.
Ride: Country Bear Jamboree? Is that wrong? There is awkward almost animatronic dancing. I am committing to this. Plus it is air conditioned which is nice on hot days.

4. Mount Moriah – Bright Light

Chill like the Silversun Pickups but with a voice similar to Karen O. Me likey. Quiet and sweet.
Ride: Snow White Apple Adventure. I really forgot the name of that ride. It is sweet familiar and something to do. Nothing too exciting but you keep on going on the ride because there is something that gets you.

5. Blind Pilot- 3 Rounds and a Sound
Probably wouldn’t have checked out this band on my own. Seriously quit it. Oh he is a pilot of life and that is how he can be blind and pilot. Or whatever story you want to give me. The song is good indie chill music. Honestly it sounds like other things which isn’t bad but isn’t AWESOME either.
Ride: Enchanted Tiki Room. Colorful and pleasant. You could find yourself bored after a couple of minutes.
6. Lavender Diamond- Open Your Heart

Rollerskates!! I am In just for those. I secretly want a pair of rollerskates again. I also secretly hope that I won’t fall on my ass and that I remember how to ride them still. Oh the song. It is adorable. Just like the video. I really love it. Yes it might have some of the hipster preciousness but It is the type I want to be.
Ride: Alice in Wonderland. Colorful and some cute turns. Even though it is just a ride similar to Snow White you realize you really enjoyed yourself. Plus you got to be the pink caterpillar that is always a plus.
7. Jamie N. Commons- Lead Me Home

Good smoky voice. That bluesy folksy style.
Ride: Haunted Mansion. Slow but so good. Sometimes you feel like you are riding with a ghost or going down in a magical elevator (pun intended).

8. Michael Buble- It’s A Beautiful Day

So. Much. HAPPY. Fine it is auto-tuned a bit but it is so HAPPPY. My Canadian boyfriend does it again. He can stay in the boyfriend Pantheon.
Ride: Carousel  You always shun it but you hop on that blue and green horse and start to shout whee!! You are spinning and having fun and feeling the breeze on your face. Because it is a beautiful day!
9. Jamie N. Commons- The Preacher
You know that ghost I mentioned it before. He has arrived. So Andreaboo gave me the other Jamie N. Commons song and I share this one with him. Without realizing that I already liked and noted the Lead me home song. So again. Smoke and blues. This one sounds more like a traditional. Then it starts to hit you hard. In the sparklecrotch. That has been removed of all its sparkle but you still feel it .
Ride: Splash Mountain. You are on a nice little journey then a tease of a big drop. Then calm again. Then you are dropped so hard you don’t know what to do with yourself. You hope the picture of shows your best screaming face.
10. Willy Moon- My Girl

I have heard other songs like this one but it kind of adds the 60s pop style into it also. It is great. The dude is interesting.. I can’t figure if he is hot or not.
Ride: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Familiar and kind of dirty. Still fun and exciting.
11. Johnny Marr- Generate! Generate!

Maybe I like this is because he is the other half of the Smiths. Maybe I like it because you could easily parody this song to be Exterminate Exterminate. It has a great English rock vibe. Good pacing, catchy hooks and stuff. Something to get you coming back.
Ride: Dumbos Flying Thingamabob. Seriously how many Dumbos are there? I thought there could only be one. You are in one and flying high and good and feeling the breeze. its interesting but not too scary
12. Britt Nicole- Gold

Teenpop with catchy chorus and they try to teach you a message. You will feel like you are beautiful.

Ride: Tea Cups. You are spinning on this. Enjoying yourself but really feeling like you might throw up. You are stronger than that though.


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