Clearing the Queue: Batman Under the Red Hood

Always coming up with new tings to do to keep me entertained and hopefully you all . This time it is clearing out movies in my Netflix queue that have had in there for a long ass time. So I will watch and try to let you know what I think of these things.

First is Batman Under the Red Hood. Overall it was really enjoyable. it had complexity and depth. Which I think most of you wouldn’t expect from an animated Batman movie. Also I loved the Joker in this one. It isn’t the Hamil Joker but it was super enjoyable. I highly recommend you all watch it, if you like the Batz. Okay, now with my commentary:

Spoilers ahead (dur!)

  • Oh no, Robin!! They can get a new one right?
  • Were there 8 heads in that duffle bag? Please say yes. I am too lazy to rewind to figure out how many evil dudes there were.
  • Is Gotham and Baltimore the only cities where the heads of the evil clubs gather together to discuss business? And how do they not know by now that gathering all the evil in one area is just asking to be ambushed and beheld to some crazy guy’s wishes.
  • IF there are less than 5 heads in that bag, then 2 hours is a bit inefficient and not a selling point.
  • Dude just came out of a box. oops AMAZO just came out of the box.
  • Amazo is Retardo.
  • NPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I love when the henchmen explain to each other what they already know. Some how they tell me just the right information so I am not lost. People think they are so evil and self-serving but really they like to give back to the community.
  • Amazo is on fire. And now looks like the end of Terminator 2.
  • K Nightwing flying on Batman’s back isn’t gay at all. NOT AT ALL
  • Laser eyes. I want laser eyes. Hey people, I need laser eyes.
  • Way to get a “head” Batman. Hardy har har
  • What is with all these beheadings? What is this Twilight: BD PT II?
  • Red vigilante you just killed 3 people in 30 seconds! Now add in some quick beheading with whatever blade you have in your pocketeses  and you can fit those in less than 2 hours.
  • Back to the duffelbag- that seem to be a standard-size bag. Seriously how many can you fit in there comfortably. Maybe comfort isn’t the issue but you do need to be able to zip it up. So what? 4 max.  Definitely not 8.
  • No one likes you Nightwing. You are like Robin but not at all. I know NPH is the voice and you make this one the best but seriously. Nightwing is like the Batmanese of Butt Buddy.
  • Black Mask, dead Robin, Batman, Red Hood. You have a city of people refusing to show their face.
  • Do dead Robin is Red Hood. I figured it out!!! Thank you Nightwing for making me focus. I will take back a fraction of your uselessness.
  • Why U so angry dead Robin?
  • Why are you all uppity at the Batz? He did try to teach you some tings. Fine you were beaten then bombed but seriously grow the fuck up. Also stop with the killing people
  • So the Black Mask when you break it down is just a white guy wearing a black face. And this is okay? No one has said anything about this? Sing a little Zippy Doo Dah and everyone is all on your ass but if you are a crime magnate with a burnt off black face you are aces. Got it.
  • IF you are just going to use a grenade launcher then why do you need a snipe scopey thing? You basically just shouted “hey I am going to shoot you!”
  • Aww the nice black guy died. Zippy doo dead.
  • Bruce has a grave digging outfit. A) not surprised B) was hoping for something more sporty.
  • What’s that you say? You raised the DEAD and it didn’t turn out like you planned? SHOCKED FACE
  • Wait deadRobin, you take off your hood (which is really a poor-man’s IronMan helmet not a hood) and you still have your face mask on? Show your fucking face.
  • Forgot about earlier: OMG LIGHTSABER SWORDS
  • Red hood/deadRobin quit it with the blowing shit up. It is annoying.
  • Do the raised dead (but not a zombie) smell? I guess so but really Batz, breaking a tub to put him in it? Way to be subtle.
  • Joker just mentioned cake. Now I want cake. You are seriously evil
Show your face!
Show your face!

One thought on “Clearing the Queue: Batman Under the Red Hood

  1. I loved this movie! I actually liked how Nightwing was in this, considering the seriousness of Robin in Teen Titans gets on my nerves A LOT, and, now that you mention it, that bag did seem too small to have that many heads in it. The Joker was fun. I agree that Red Hood wearing a mask under his helmet is overkill.

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