Album Discoveries: So Emotional

As I embark on this journey to talk about recommended albums I realize I am horrible at reviewing music. Maybe not horrible, but if I don’t have a creative slant then I can fall into redundancy fast. Music is more emotional for me than movies or books. When it comes to sharing my emotions I am not as free. I am afraid of showing my emotions of getting no or a negative response. I haven’t done it much in my life and when I have it has come to mixed response. So I shield and cover myself and talk about the funny things. I will try to explain the emotions these albums gives me if I can’t summon the funny. Or maybe I will do both. I did a bit of it with the Damien Rice post.

Another reason why it is more difficult to review music for me is I have no musical skills. No talent to sing or play. I am tone deaf. I also never learned anything about music. I can’t really tell you what a bridge or guitar riff is. I do know choruses and verses.  I do know how to analyze literature so books and movies are easier for me. I often don’t feel it is my place to analyze music. Even though I was taught how to evaluate a song as if it were poem.  Thank you Mr. Neil’s 10th grade honors English class. I really didn’t need to throw in honors there but I chose to let you all know that I am smart. SMART. GEDDIT.

So it is apropos that I am talking about these albums first. They are emotional and strong on the words. I will probably fail at letting you know what I think besides. I like it! It is pretty! It’s awesome!

I created a rating system so an album will be reviewed even if I don’t have the words. It is based on hearts since I am me and I refuse to be mean about any of these albums.

Albums I have listened to thus far:

Mountain Goats-The Sunset Tree

4 Hearts- Over the Moon
4 Hearts- Over the Moon

Super mega love.See I am starting off tight on this one. 10 seconds into the first song, “You or Your Memory” and I was in love with this album. His voice that kind of distinctive that I like. I think it is a combination of deeperish without going full Barry White. Also clear. After the music catches me, all I have is the words. I like to hear the words, eventually. This album makes me hear the words. I CAN HEAR YOU! I really like Dilaudid which showcases his beautiful phrases (I will remember your kiss// So do it with your mouth open) and the kind of sweet and maudlin that courses through this album. I recommend it it highly. (Hence the 4 hearts)

Elliot Smith

2 Hearts- Crush on You
2 Hearts- Crush on You

I like it and it does have good replay value. For some reason it just doesn’t hit me that well. I feel like I am supposed to feel more about this album and I don’t. The two times I have listened to it, I realize that I have mostly ignored it in favor of doing other things.  I enjoy the sounds just his voice doesn’t catch me enough to pay attention more closely.  This album comes in just shy of the 45 minute mark and it feels like it goes on forever. Forever. I really sound like I hate this, I don’t. I have a bunch of albums I keep as background music and this is where I would place this album.

Figure 8

3 Hearts- Super Bunny Love
3 Hearts- Super Bunny Love

I was sold on this album from the first song. It is a bit more upbeat. More hard. The music is more challenging to my ears. I really like the first two songs: Son of Sam and Somebody That I Used to Know.  I also like when I don’t have to fight sleep to hear lyrics and voice. His voice is much more buttery on this album. Huge fan of this one.

I didn’t have any One Heart albums on this list. So I will show you the graphic for that one

1 Heart- It's Swell (no sarcasm)
1 Heart- It’s Swell (no sarcasm)

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