Book Busting

I have cleared some things from my GoodReads Currently reading list


Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

I finished this one good and proper like. OMG YOU GUYS THIS BOOK ROCKS. APPLESAUCE. Seriously it is a great realistic fantasy. I loved it so so much.

It becomes hard for me to describe books that I really enjoy: I don’t want to be super gushy (which I feel like I already have) and I don’t want to spoil anything. I came into the book not knowing much. I saw about 20 minutes of the series but really didn’t remember much. I find for fantasy and sci-fi books coming into them with out knowing anything makes the books more enjoyable. I did that with American Gods my first Neil Gaiman book and Imajica by Clive Barker. Both of these books are in my top list of all time. Probably my two main “desert island'” books.

If you have never experienced a Gaiman novel then this book might be a good gateway book.  It is a well paced novel that slowly unfolds the world for you. You have a guide and a person who is like you, unknown to the world that lies ahead. Like Doctor Who you are expected to understand the companion more than anyone else and be ready for a fun adventure. Omg that sounded so Amazon reviewy. Sorry about that. See how I hate something that I wrote but still own it and mock myself and then move on? I just meta meta’d myself. Breathe.

Anyways if you like fantasy, you need to read this. If you like good interesting stories, you need to read this. If you like to be a human being, you need to read this. If you want to learn to read, learn to read. Then read this.  Fuck Dick and Jane and read Neverwhere.

This Is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz

Two strange things that happened when I read this book:

1- Yesterday I sat in my reading chair (yes I have a reading chair!! with an ottoman I am all fancy like) and opened up my sliding glass door (right next to my chair). My lovely cat Cinnamon went to the open breeze like SHE usually does and sits by the screen and watches the people outside. Only this time the screen door wasn’t closed it was wide open and Cinnamon wandered outside to explore the world. She is an inside cat and never goes outside. Luckily I caught her right before she had a chance to make a run from the patio. I caught her when she was still in CinnaDora mode. So that is how you almost lose her.

2- I have been reading while having Songza give me songs in the background. This one was an 80s list and all of a sudden Rich Girl from Hall and Oates starts playing. As it starts I read a sentence that says”Fuck Hall and Oats” Freaky.

Now about the actual book. It was a series of short stories with most focusing on a guy named Yunior and his relationships with women. It a book full of relationship stories. But honestly isn’t every book a relationship book? Sorry existential Vivi will just stop. The stories were short and you lingered on some wanting more. Overall I really enjoyed this book. I have never read other Junot Diaz books to know where this ranks in his works. The most positive thing about him is his beautiful turns of phrase. These simple and real but still beautiful sentences. Especially while describing women. I’ll admit I melted and got lustful a bit reading these things.  I highly recommend especially if you want one of those “literary” books but you don’t want to work too hard at it. Not that this book is weak but it is probably an easier read than most. More so if you know Spanish.


Magicians by Lev Grossman

Realize if I want to read grown up Harry Potter there are probably some stories on Fan Nevermind I really don’t want to see the crazy sex incarnations that are on that site. There is probably Flitwick and Dobby stories. Shudder. I realized I couldn’t care less about this book. It just didn’t do it for me and I am okay ending this relationship. On mutual terms? Probably not. I threw this book in the trash. It had gotten too much water damage. I guess I was the abuser in this relationship. But seriously you were boring and had stupid boring animal sex and talked some other fake author. You aren’t John Irving. Don’t do that.

Girl Who Played with Fire by Steig Larsson

I don’t care what happens to her. Maybe you shouldn’t Play with Fire. Because its hot. I don’t care how fucked up you are. We get it you are a good girl hiding underneath a bisexual tough exterior.  I hear she likes to fuck with hornets in the next book because again that is a good idea. Seriously for being so damn smart you are cray. If the dude survived for book 4, it would have been The Girl Who Swims With Sharks. The Girl Who Runs with Scissors. The Girl Who Brings a Knife to a Gun Fight. The Girl Who Did something really stupid and now we have to tell you why she isn’t stupid for 400 pages and use every hard-ass Swedish name for you to remember. You aren’t in Ikea anymore sweetheart, you are in the Girl Who Burned down an Ikea. Sorry I got carried away.

We aren’t speaking to each other and I will seek out help to recover from this abusive relationship.

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