Clearing the Queue: Snatch

I really thought I would be saying the word “snatch” with a strong long “a” for the duration of this movie. Instead I found myself watching with my mouth open.  I don’t have many witty notes either for this film. It was so quick-paced and moving. But not in a bad way. Well some of the shots gave me the spinnies but overall the movie was supremely excellent.

It is witty and has good violence. And lots of Jason Statham. A Brad Pitt that isn’t that bad looking either. I never liked him in is long hair phase or other Brad Pitt phases I seriously can’t think of any of his movies at the moment.  Needless to say they were yummy. Statez more of course.

So the movie. I don’t know much about movie making but if this style is unique then I can imagine there are a bazillion movies mimicing this style.


  • Jason Statham. I totes forgot he was in this and now I am so so happy to be watching.
  • Seriously spinny shots Batman
  • With all these names I really feel like they will want to give me a test later.
  • Why did they give Brad Pitt the role with the most fucked up accent?
  • No caravan and no healthy henchmen makes Turkish something something.
  • I am calling him my Turkish Delight now. BOOM
  •  If this movie were made today, i could see Christoph Waltz as Boris.
  • More like Frankie no-hand. Also could be named dead Frankie.
  • Why do all these British movies seemed to be subtitled “we will have a spot of tea before we fuck your face up”?
  • Brick Top (seriously what the fuck is up with that name) if you hurt my Turkish Delight, I will feed you to the pigs.
  • Why am I waiting for a bunny to get proper fucked?
  • Making the choice between bunny survival and Turkish Delight survival is a Sophie’s Choice.
  • What the fuck is with all the fucking tea? We like coffee here but we don’t have a cup of coffee before we shoot you in the face. You sound like a pussy. I know I am being typical American and all but seriously I am so right in this case.
  • His mom will have the biggest caravan in gypsy heaven. They don’t go to normal heaven like us right?

That is all my notes. I was completely mesmerized by this film. I highly recommend it. Aces plus recommend.

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