Art of Books

Instead of clearing my book queue as I was supposed to, I read two other books instead. And formally added another book to the list. They are all focused on Art.

Added to the Queue

Art Lover’s Guide to Florence by Judith Testa

I am going to Italy in  less than a month from today and seeing art is my main tourist objective. Seeing the Uffizi and SkaterTurtle’s David in Florence are my two “must sees”. Everything else is just experiencing new things.  With this Iz learnings the history of all of the amazing things I can see. I am not finished with the book but I think it might be interesting even if you aren’t planning on going to Florence anytime soon. It reads more of a historical informational guidebook rather than a plain guidebook. However I can only read it a chapter or two at a time and then move onto something else.


An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin

I have complete book high and rush after reading this book. I have read Steve Martin’s two other novels (Shopgirl and  The Pleasure of My Company) and enjoy those immensely. I love his writing style. He writes these narratives that feel  like you are in a lovely cloud. Yeah you could say his stuff isn’t really portraying “real” people but I find his character studies (which all three have been as opposed to plot driven) so fucking interesting. The other focus of  the book that you will need to either accept or drop  is the heavy art component. This book seems to be a vehicle for him to talk about all the art he knows and how it is sold and appreciated. Which for me I found so compelling. I liked it a bit more than the story itself. I was skimming head to descriptions of paintings and at the end of this book, I had the desire to read more about art and start my own collection.

Chasing Aphrodite: The Hunt for Looted Antiquities at the World’s Richest Museum by Jason Felch, Ralph Frammolino

So I started reading this book. I wanted specifically to read a book about the controversy behind some of the pieces the Getty Museum in Santa Monica has acquired. I knew there must be a book on it since I read a really good article on it a bit ago. And behold, my Andreaboo found me this book. When I started this portion it was just going to be about me starting this book and within the course of 7 days I have finished it. I am not a non-fiction reader so this is a bit of a record for me. Yayay?  I found the book well-written and compelling. The story was laid out in a narrative style that it was easy to follow all of the moving parts and people. It adds in more layers to the story than if you read the news articles posted as it fact checks and talks with people from the inside. Aces plus plus.

I am now on a Non-Fiction train and will try to start about FDR and the New Deal. I am riding this train till it stops and all the hobos get on and stab my desire to death for tins of beans. This is a band of particularly vicious hobos  I really hope that when hobos become zombies they want beans instead of brains. Not that hobos don’t seek out the smart things (they invented a code after all) but they really really love beans. Like more than Frank does.

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