Vivi Tells You What to Listen to, Pt 43

Rehashing old gimmick. No theme to these songs— just things should hear. Some you need to love (I will identify those). If you don’t like the others, I will allow it.   Premise:  I will tell you what the songs are about (cough-makeshitup-cough) and give you a quick impression of how it makes me feel (cough-mushy-cough).  And you get two bonus songs!!! You are so blessed.

1. Jake Bugg- Lightning Bolt

About that time when a person gets hit by lightning and it gives them superpowers. You know the usual.  Though nothing cool like flight or laser eyes.  Something smaller,  like if you rub your feet really fast on the carpet you can give a pretty good shock. Nothing murder-inducing but the person will fall on their ass. This song is about that shared experience and how they accidentally shocked a horse. Poor horsey.

It has that low-fi and awesomeness. Kind of like Kimya Dawson if she was in the 60s and a dude. This is the one you will like or else. The else is that I will do a whole post on r/clopclop.

2. Delores Elay & The Kenyattas- Honeydripper

About a stripper named Honeydripper. She drips honey on herself when she is on stage (not at home that is just unnecessary . This is her sad story where she has no friends but lots of money. Her act gets her lots of cash but none of the other strippers want to be near her. She stickies up everything. And like glitter, you never get it out.  And since the other strippers use glitter, Honeydripper is sticky and sparkly. The stripper version of tarred and feathered. But not as racist.

Funk. Good.

3. Soundtrack of Our Lives -Nevermore

About the person who uses all the catch phrases that are past their due. And eventually after you are tired of hearing “Whazzzzzzzzzzup” for the 30th time, you shout “Nevermore”.  Consider this an updated version of the Raven. Was there a  murder in the raven or just an annoying bird? I skipped over that POEm (geddit?).  However, no murder in this song. You make the catchphrase offender watch current YouTube memes and look at Reddit. They now love Grumpy Cat and Psy and confession bear. Everything is okay. For now.

Road trippy nice.

4. Jon Langford- Tom Jones Levitation

You may not have read this news story– a  small group of people in Chile found these Tom Jones 45s. They also found a record player (the world isn’t that cruel).  When they played the first 45 (She’s Not Unusual), they found themselves floating off of the ground. They were able to spin and twirl  and when the song was done, they fell to the ground. It reached as far as any person who could hear the song.  They would do this on Saturday nights and have Tom Jones Levitation parties. Until one day a Priest walked through the town and said “God hates pussy… cats” and smashed the record player. Moral: Tom Jones Fun. Priests not fun.

Simple, folk, yay.

5. Jim Carroll- People Who Died

About this cult that mass-suicided  because they thought that the great big pink buffalo would take them to the prairie beyond.  They chose tainted mashed potatoes. The food of their buffalo god (Gangly). Side note: We missed this song for a Junk’s Trunk.

Punk. Fun. Smash!

6. Sweet- Action

The sweet sweet action that comes when you play GI Joes and Barbies. First it seems all weird because the Joes (80s version) are so much shorter than the Barbies. But then they crawl up that short little skirt and over those plastic thighs and they buried in sweet sweet unidentified vagina. It is like that one time when they were at the Battle of Anthill trying to combat all the enemies and they decided fire was the best option. Sure it melted Hawk’s left hand but Cobra Commander lost a leg. Okay it wasn’t the same but the Joes learned about boobies that day and it needed to be immortalized in a song.

70s sweet rock action. Sweet should be one of your favorite bands.

7. The Beets- I Think I Might’ve Built a Horse

The real story of the Trojan Horse. It was supposed to be a naked lady but the dude didn’t know how to make one. He really liked horses. If you know what I mean. He did try to fancy a lady out of wood but it ended up being a horse.  He tried to cover it up by throwing some boobs on it. Eventually the boobed horse (affectionately named Dancy) was pushed into the city (Troy?  I don’t know history).

Love. Lazy (in the good way) drawn out beats.

8. Milk Carton Kids- Hope of  a Lifetime

The story of Frank  and how he got the money (via Kickstarter) to have the robot doll he always hoped for. He named her Francie (not weird at aaaaaaaaaaaaallll) and started a YouTube video series called Frank and Francie. He was messy, she was neat. He was shaved, she had a merkin. Hijinks ensued. My favorite episode was the one where they tried to make smore’s, and Francie left her marshmallow on the fire too long and melted her finger. Ouch. Frank laughed and then licked her wounds. Creepy laugh Creepy laugh Creepy laugh

That folky stuff with plucky guitars and sweet voices. And they are adorkably cute.

9. Billy Larkin and the Delegates- Funky Fire

So Cyd lit a trashcan fire but it emitted this horrible funky smell. Sal was all “boy that is some funky fire”  There really isn’t much else. That is why the song has a long instrumental part.

More Funk. Enjoy it. It is awesome!

10. Cody Chestnutt- Don’t Want to Go the Other Way

Rebuttal to the Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way”. Basically no one wants to go any way. So we will all just stand here and stare. At each other. That isn’t creepy at all. Especially since Frank brought Francie. And Cyd brought his funky fire. Such an enjoyable experience.

CeeLo-ish. Rock/RnB fun.


BB Mak- Back Here

Boy band action!!

Maya Rudolph and Paul F Tompkins- Home

Great cover of a great song!!!

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