Clearing the Queue: Hugo

When I started this movie I had the thought of “dear god not an orphan movie”.  The orphans are all so preciously hopeful and sad. They all seem to have the biggest saddest eyes.  There is usually a villain chasing them and either the orphan or the villain has a dog. It is better for the orphan to have the dog. I saw that the movie was 2 hrs long and I couldn’t imagine how this orphan story move along  so that I would be entertained for 2hrs. Yes it is all about me.

Then it moved in this direction that I kind of knew about but didn’t fully realize how breathtaking. It turned into a beautiful tale of cinema. How it was made, cultivated, destroyed and then revived. The joy of moving pictures while watching a moving picture. It became this sweet and seriously gorgeous film that I really do cherish.  Though children may never happen for me, I still have been building in my head a list of movies that a child should watch throughout her/his life. I say throughout because some maybe better at different ages. I would for sure add Hugo to this list.  This movie has the adventure and childlike fun but is also shows your child about simplistic beauty. Maybe it is a small way to show them to appreciate the beauty of pictures- moving or not.

I did make some notes;

  • Hugo is the cleanest homeless orphan in the world
  • Why does everyone have a British accent if it is set in Paris?
  • Sacha Baron Cohen getting hit in the crotch. Sigh. Though I give mad props for it not being the end of the Hugo trailer.
  • Ghandi is a dick.
  • I want to live in a world colored like this. I am feeling that I may be a bit steampunkish but they all seem so boring. Now I am curious to know how many gears are involved in secret steampunk sex party.
  • Sacha  Baron Cohen has a wondering accent. He is great in this but it goes from place to place.
  • Today I Learned: There is no poetry in the station.
  • C’mon writing robot. Be evil. Be evil
  • Sadly you are not.  Oh wait you are predicting the bomb?!
  • Or just a movie. Whatevs.
  • Yes we know you want to fix the robot so you don’t feel alone. You are an orphan everything you do is so you don’t feel alone. That is why you hug the baguettes before you eat them.
  • Saruman is so sweet. He is like a reading grandpa. I want one of those!. You should learn from him, Broken Ghandi.
  • Everyone is so fucking proper. I could be like that to. Nah
  • I wonder how long it took to make a young Ben Kingsley. It looks like he is wearing a Ben Kingsley mask.

Not that many notes since I loved the movie. Yes it is slightly slow but if you just watch it for the beauty and the labyrinth of sets and colors, it will be magical.

Oh and my other movies that all children need to see: My Neighbor Totoro, Mirrormask, Coraline. 

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