Album Discoveries: Voices Carry

These albums seemed to fall in the category of good voices. I say this as I am listening to Dashboard Confessional for the third time today. I guess my craving was strong in this one.  Chris C.’s voice is fine but nothing that particularly stands out comparatively to the three albums I will discuss.

One more thing: I am a lot older since the last time I attentively listened to this album and I realize how much I don’t yearn to identify with his music. The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most is definitely a personal album of a bitterly failed relationship. I am not yearning to feel those emotions because I love the music.  Those are his emotions of something that I haven’t experienced in his way. The need to connect with my music at all costs is gone. I am okay listening and enjoying the music without making a soul defining choice. I am me and I own it. Which will influence how I relate to some of the albums I experience. This may hurt some that I am not as bonded as they are,  but my connections will be real and not for show.

Shemekia Copeland- Wicked

1 Heart- It's Swell (no sarcasm)
1 Heart- It’s Swell (no sarcasm)

She has an amazing voice. I just don’t think this is the type of blues I enjoy. I think I like mine to lead with the guitar and then follow with the singing. As you guessed, this is the opposite. It has all the things that probably most want from the blues: strong singing, long good beats, and songs about late nights and other women. My favorite song is Miss Hy Ciditty. That song is so so good. Revisiting this portion a couple of days later and I really don’t remember the album that well. I have no desire to hear it again. I think she has talent just not for me. (This will probably be a theme).

Crash Test Dummies- God Shuffled His Feet

2 Hearts- Crush On You
2 Hearts- Crush On You

No one told me to review this one.  I had listened to this album many of times but I was 15 or 16. I am curious if the albums of my youth still hold up emotionally and musically.  This was my first “literary” rock band. You mention a writer here or there and I am in love. It hit me during the first writing Renaissance of the life of Vivi. I chose “Afternoons & Coffeespoons” for an upcoming Junks Trunk and I cant stop listening to this fucking song. Yes it is dated but it is so goooood. I also love this dude’s voice. I wish I had the ability to look up his name some where but my modem is slow and AoL likes to drop me when I am not getting hit on by 40 year old dudes pretending to be 25. They are reading me Anne Sexton and luring me with German (How this wasn’t some clue that I was so naive? I was 15 and naive ). Whoa overshare. Those were all jokes. Yes all jokes.
The strongest songs are Afternoons & Coffeespoons and Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm. The album isn’t bad just not as awesome as I remember. I don’t know if I would listen to the album as a whole again.

Mark Lanegan- Whiskey For The Holy Ghost

2 Hearts- Crush On You
2 Hearts- Crush On You

I like his voice. A lot. I heard him sing with a chick (Isobel Campbell?- Vivi unable to Google at it again) and loved those songs immensely. I have no idea why I didn’t connect to this album. It has all the elements that should bind me for life: compelling voice, lyrics and music. However it wasn’t my thing. I tried three times to listen to this album and I was  finally able to make it stick on the last listen. It is a quality album but not one for me. I know that seems like a cop out and it may be,  but I really want you all to try this album out. Listen to it and hopefully you will bond with this collection of beautiful songs.  It is yearning to have many connections to all sorts of people. I can see the traces of people who love this album and feel the ebbs and flows of the music alongside their beating heart. It seems my heart was in a different space.  As I often do, I will try the music again. I will try some of his other albums to see if those connecting lines will form.

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