Clearing the Queue: They Might Be Giants

This movie stars George C Scott and Joanne Woodward. Scott plays a rich dude who thinks he is Sherlock Holmes. It happens after his wife dies so, you know. ..   It was filmed in the 70s and features many a 70s cameos. I saw Grandpa Munster and the doorman from the Jeffersons. If there were others I should have known, then they were too 70s. I hope that they did an episode of Match Game on their spare time from this movie. I think George C. Scott would be particularly  awesome after 10 scotches. Anyways about this movie. At first it was charming and kind of fun. Then I got bored and started to hate it more and more. I will explain more in the notes. You might like it, or it might be a boring weird fest.

  • I think I might get delusional to be Sherlock Holmes. I get a kick ass hat, cape and PIPE. And free reign to be a smart ass. Sounds awesome.
  • Shrink just said that grandma rape might just be an accident. I know it is the 70s and it is a “comedy” but seriously?
  • Cinnamon was peaked by the sirens. I think it is because she knows the PoPo might be after her. She knows what she did.
  • Was that an old-timey hooker or an old lady waiting for the bus? She looked kind of “open” if you know what I mean.
  • The last time a dude lost his memory after his wife died, the Cybermen came.  Iz scared.
  • They are in a grocery store doing god knows what. Fuck all. This movie has crossed from charming to snoooooooooooooze.
  • I realized that she has violated probably every ethical rule between patient and shrink.
  • Did they die? Do I care? I don’t.

I know it is a movie from the 70s but if you allow a woman to be educated and a fucking doctor then make her actually smart. Not ethically stupid and charmed by a delusional man. She dies because of her crazy patient because he was charming and took her on adventures. Martha at least knew when to step away from the doctor and she wasn’t even a full doctor at that point. This movie hurts all the feminist-ness I have in my body.  I will accept some of these older movies when the woman is at home doing whatever but if they actually have a degree, then you need to fucking let that shine. 

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