Vivi Tells You What to Listen to: Eurovision 2013

Eurovision is a song competition between all the countries of the European Broadcasting Union (thanks Wikipedia!).  It has been going on for a butt-load of years (accurate term), but just came to my knowledge a couple of years ago. Honestly it is most known for super cheesy or horrible songs. Though you can find some really good songs. I was first introduced to it when I discovered this video. The video is a bit cheesy (fine a lot) but the song is amazing and classic.

The last couple of years I have listened to the songs and discovered the ones I love and now I am introducing those to you.  Also will give you a couple of the classic Eurovision camp/cheese.

Before I get to this years contestants. Two from past years.

Dschinghis Khan- Moskau 

It is Russian disco. How is this not awesome? You may hate it, however I love it. Unironically  I want to do a group cosplay with this video. It is in  my head. It is like Russian Abba!

Pirates of the Sea- Wolves of the Sea

This one falls more into the WTF category. I like this one ironically. Is that really ironic? I just like it because it is bad. Though it is a bit catchy. And who doesn’t love a good disco pirate. From Latvia. I think the girls have fake mustaches. And fog machine everywhere. It is so strange and awesome.

Bad its Good?

1. Cezar – It’s My Life (Romania)

He looks and acts like Count Chocula. He has super crazy eyes and the song is horrible. Strange and horrible. He has a weird falsetto. However, if you hear other songs from him they are good. He does have the same voice but in the right song it is beautiful. Here it is just so weird. Thought I want to take him around with me and sing things to people. “Can I have a trenta ice coffee no sweetner and 2% milk?” I need him to sing this to the baristas.

2. Who See- Igranka (Montenegro)

I call this the kitchen sink video/song. Strippers, Venetian masks, breaking bad homages, dub-step  rap, girl crooning. I hate this but admire their need to do everything all at once it seems. It is the type of auditory/visual orgy that makes you bleed. So I am moving on.

3. PeR- Here We Go (Latvia)

You have to appreciate their almost 90s Brit-Pop chorus with 90s rapping. There is even keytar and guy in a glitter military-esque outfit with a bare chest. It is like Latvia just discovered the 90s. I find it more precious than anything else. It is slightly catchy and slightly annoying. I don’t know where I stand with this video. They seem happy so lets put it in the yay category.

Mostly Good

4. Marco Mengoni – L’Essenziale (Italy)

This song is vaguely familiar because I think I heard it while in a cab while in Italy (humblebrag) last month.  It is a very good ballad. I am not a huge ballad person anymore but this is very good. He sings well. Mega props for it being in Italian.  A lot of these songs are done in English. Which I like because I understand it but you are also representing your country. Own your language.  So if you like a good pop ballad, you will love this song.

5. Cascada- Glorious  (Germany)

I didn’t know she was German. I also don’t know why she felt the need to have a tulle coming out of her ass.  This song is good. Not great. I like her so I am not going to let it pass by. The song you may know her for is Evacuate the Dancefloor. I like that one way way more. This is catchy and dancing. It does its job.

6. Gianluca Bezzina – Tomorrow (Malta)

This is falls into the super adorable category. It seriously channeling the cute Jason Mraz feel. So if you love  “I’m Yours” you will probably like this song. It is a cute little story and the dude looks so happy singing. So mega cute and pop catchy.

7. Koza Mostra & Agathon Iakovidis – Alcohol is Free (Greece)

One thing I appreciate about Greek people is that their names are all so distinctively Greek.   This song is like Gogol Bordello with less gypsy and more ska. Its fun and good just not amazing.  Again another one where they just seem to be having so much fun. And it is the best name for a song really.

My Favorites

8. Alyona Lanskaya – Solayoh (Belarus)

Booty shaking. A great dance pop song and like my other favorites, super catchy.

9. Krista Siegfrids – Marry Me  (Finland)

This is the one I would listen to over and over. Actually it is the one I have. I even got her album. It is Ke$ha-light. Finnish fun! Forced weddings! Good times!

10. Amandine Bourgeois – L’Enfer Et Moi (France)

By far this is the best song of the Finalists. It should win. Unless they want to give it to Bonnie Tyler for her late-age-Stevie-Nicks-style of song. This one is really good, current. And the girl singing has a bit of a sexy clean Courtney Love vibe.


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