A Vivi Abroad- Roma

I feel like I need more time in Roma before I give my final opinion of the city. I had a great time when I was there but I didn’t enjoy the city as much as the others I saw.  We didn’t really hit any tourist hot spots and even that (the Vatican) was too insane for me, crowd wise.  I am curious to explore it more and maybe have it be the first city in the trip or the only. To give it a fair shot.

-Dogs in Roma are cute like Firenze but more sausagey
-Found cafe that gave me a doughnut with my cappuccino. Score! It probably has some fancy Italian name but I know a doughnut when I eat one.
-Dragged Andreaboo into this awesome horror store. He was so happy, so I was happy. He looked at the books and dvds (you know quality things) while I looked at the Harry Potter merch.
-The first night I had wine. Lots of wine. So Vivi got drunk.  I did the drunk stumble back to the bed and breakfast.
-Not made to eat dinner in Roma- I eat too early and I can’t have 5 courses of full plates. I could barely finish one plate of Cacio E Pepe. Which was so so good.
-By day 8  I have learned the method of “point and nod” when navigating in a country where I don’t understand the language.
-Waited for shady bus to take us places. Because it is shady, it took forever. Grumpy French couple agreed.
-Found awesome beer place with cute waitress. Here I ate all my food!! It was a panzenella salad with this ball of super fresh mozzarella.


-Just going to quote this completely; I have no idea what is in my head: “Walked in rain with scarf on my head on Grace Kelly because I am a dick princess. Need to find sex store that sells dick tiaras and dick pope hats.”
-Stumbled in to a bar to have a glass of awesome Pinot Grigio. Loved walking in the rain over the cobblestones to eat gelato and then to settle in and drink a glass of wine.
-We ate at a place that had the antipasti that wouldn’t end : at least 8 bowls of various vegetables and meats. So when my pizza came, I was done after one slice.  I fail.
-Marissa be craaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy. Sorry was watching the OC. In ROMA. Bitches!
-Walked an ass-ton to get arancini. It was worth it.
-Found a cute red tote bag at a bookstore. It had some quote on it. I didn’t notice. Luckily it was some social-political thing about racism being bad. I can get with that. Happy it wasn’t praising Mecha-Mussohitler. That man was so down with gelato.
-Back to arancini place- I found craft beer. Yayya. I also learned how to push my way through a crowd of bitches. I need to have retractable spikes on my arms.
-Then had a cappuccino in the motherfuckin Mech-Sun. Stupid idea. Don’t tell Andreaboo. Shhhhhhh.
-BTW the word in this section is Mecha. I used it all day.
-Another beer place with cinnamon beers, barleywines, Belgians. And Mecha Burgers!

-Torture gelato: red pepper gelato mixed with ginger-raspberry gelato. Mecha-Caliente!
-Over the bridge past the shitty purse guy, shitty iPhone case guy (why do you exist?), and shitty electric guitar guy.
-I guess I am not supposed to take money out the case for a bad performance. Whatevs.
-Shady bus home where I met my MechaNonna. She was tiny, sweet, compact.
-Dinner at a cute place that had a picture of the gayest horses in the world. Paul and Charles and they have a show called Clop Clop (before Bronies dammit!)

Paul and Charles
Paul and Charles

-The Vatican is a fuckin mess. Not just the politics. So many people and lines.

-No foam pope hats. Megasadface.
-I did not buy the glass holy water container, to put vodka in it. I am an adult?
-At lunch I saw the following: two face, penguin nun, angry birds, high-heels.
-Around the Vatican. So many brown people trying to lead me somewhere with the promise of a quick line to a good thing. Is this reparations?
-I accidentally stepped on the back of an old woman’s shoe. I apologized but I don’t think she heard me. So she cursed me out. She will not be a Mecha-Nonna.
-Vivi+humidity+lost = crankyciceropants + taxi home
-Found an amazing beer bottle shop. ON THE LAST DAY. Sigh
-So much honking here. Do their horns ever fizzle? Since they honk so much in their cars, do they refrain from the honk titty grabbing noise? I need to know!!

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