Vivi Tells You What to Listen to- Summer Playlist

Summer is coming. Yeah I went there.  This weekend is Memorial Day in America and the unofficial start of summer here. I am giving you a head start on your summer playlist by letting you know of the new gems I found. I dug through caves;  spelunked all up in them.  ALL UP IN THEM. So now you have these nuggets of rubies and emeralds to keep you cool and energized throughout the summer.  Before you say what I know you are going to say, you’re welcome.  They are in pairs because that is how I do. And I might come up with a gimmick. Don’t know yet. Anticipaaaaaation.

Can’t Get You Outta My Head
These two will probably be the songs you hear everywhere not really knowing that it is playing.
1. Daft Punk – Get Lucky
Everyone is ape shit over this Daft Punk album. I really want to hate them on that principle (I have that in me. I was born that way. Don’t judge me!). But this song is really good. It is fun. Disco-y but in the good way. You dance. You want to wear a white suit and slide around a lighted up dance floor. There is probably a Pinterest for that.
Play it:  Rollerskating by the beach with your insanely-sized boombox is on your shoulder.  Cut off booty shorts optional. 

2. New Politics- Harlem

Seriously this song is catchy as all fuck. I am dancing so hard right now. You get to clap and sing loud.  I encourage you to sing this super loud. Because that is when you turn it up.   And according to the video this song is perfect for twirling. Who doesn’t fingers in their mouth? Even amputees like it!
Play it:  When you want to light it up. Or car rides with top/windows down. 

Bringing it Back
These two evoke older sounds either because they are the purveyors of punk or just cause. 

3. Iggy and the Stooges- Burn
You really need some rock out music for the summer. It is the time for epic dance parties but the sweating just moving wildy is also highly encouraged. Preferably not on a full stomach. Swimming and dancing to this song you need to wait at least 30 minutes after you eat. Okay? Seriously why listen to cheap imitations when you have this. Amazing
Play it:  While watching the world burn (if you are evil). At a bbq when you want to get your friends out of their food coma. Put this on, pass out some shots. Party. Repeat.

4. Miles Kane – Don’t Forget Who You Are

If your style is tinted older, this song evokes that sixties rock/pop.  You know it is back right? If you read this with any regularity you know that. This one is super peppy and has a kick to your ass that gets you going.  Plus it makes you want to throw away that cheap white disco suit and slip into a tailored black suit. Sorry this list is costing money. But you need to sacrifice things for art. And the summer. Nothing says summer like suits. So cool and refreshing.
Play it: When you travel back in time and want to shock the people with your mini magic box that plays music. Be careful they will stab you for the box.  Also use it while you are playing bocce ball. 

Dance Party USA (I think they are all American)
Now its time to dance!
5. 2AM Club -Not Your Boyfriend

It has a hulk hogan reference. If they do another rave episode of Girls, this song will probably in it.  I can imagine sweating and being under blacklights to this song. Did I mention that it is dancilicious? Because it totally is. It has electronic in the fun good way, no the angry robot fucking way. I am tired of angry robot fucking. It is so last year.  Unless they are two male robots. Then I am interested. Asking for a friend.
Play it: to dance. Seriously. 

6. Clinton Sparks  (feat 2 Chainz, Macklemore & D.A) – Gold Rush

This isn’t in the playlist and only on SoundCloud. It is worth it. I found it indirectly via Tommy Lee. I was prepared to go ick but this is really good.  A bit more edge than the last song but again dancilicious.  I am total chair dancing now.  Promise. Plus you learn about Gold Rush girls. You get to learn and dance. Its a two-fer! You are so welcome
Play it: to dance. I really have nothing else for you. Seriously. 

Slow It Down

7. Mariah Carey (feat Miguel) – Beautiful

After all that sweating lets melt a bit. With Miguel and his buttah voice. Oh and MC. She is fine too. The song is great. A good early evening song. While you are on the porch talking about whatever. Maybe midget mimes or the lemon army. The lemon army is planning to rise. How will you defeat it? You have a counter to lemon juice in your eye? I didn’t think so.
Play it: on warm nights with ice tea and relaxing with your animals or friends. If you play D&D or Munchkin while this song is playing you get 1000000 points. 

8.  She and Him-  I  Could’ve Been Your Girl
It is upbeat but still chiller than others.  She & Him are the start of the official summer for me since I see them on my birthday (the first day of summer).  First squee!! Second it is fun like most She & Him songs. The video is cute, if you are okay with intense adorkableness. It is super Zooey. Which I am totally okay with. I want her dress. I realized I kind of have her hair. I swear I am not intentionally trying to be like her. I swear. Sigh. Moving on.
Play it: while roping your friends into your synchronized swimming scheme. 

Dancing Queen
Girls that make you want to dance! 

9. Janelle Monae (feat Erykah Badu)- Q.U.E.E.N

The video has a time travel premise of awesome. It is great for dancing alone or with friends. Omg I sound so silly. Just listen to it.   A perfect summer anthem.
Play it:  Always and forever. Whenever you need to get moving and the world moving. 
10.Natalia Kills -Problem
Probably my current favorite song from list. It is perfect for me. Catchy and ass shaking. The two requirements for a perfect song for me. No matter where you are at when you hear this you can’t help but take a moment to move.  Maybe you are at the mall. Or the zoo. Or the dentist office. There is no salvation for a bad girl.
Play it: while eating ice cream. You will be the baddest ice cream eater ever. 

Bonus Songs. Eternal Awesome Summer Songs. No explanation necessary.

R. Kelly – Ignition (Remix)

Howard Kremer – What’s That , Huh? (You’re Not Going To Have A Summah?)

Playlist (minus Howard Kremer and Clinton Sparks)

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