Had an epic Memorial Day weekend. Nah but it was filled with amazing fun things that I will tell you about with pictures, comments, and videos.  Fun times!!!

Recorded Uncast with Daniel and Butch and that was super epic fun.  It included us talking about what is the song that best defines the 80s. Do you know? My 80s is best summed up with this:

I roller-skated a lot in the 80s. And fell on the sidewalk a lot too. Cause and Effect people.

I learned that I can stay up late on a weekend night and not fall asleep right after Murder She Wrote. However this ends up with me crashing in a chair in the living room with my last word  being “Kokomo”.

I was truly thankful to the Kokomo gods that I didn’t perish.   If I had perished and John Stamos didn’t show up at my funeral to play a bongo or two, I would be utterly pissed and would haunt him from the grave. Tropical contact highs are the bestest. Once I learn what they are.


I drank– It is a holiday weekend after all. We tried out a newer place called Hubcap for burgers and beer. I highly approve of any place that automatically cooks all burgers rare. I am a half vegamagoos but I like my cow to almost moo when it is before me with lettuce, tomatoes and pickles.

My beer also came with a cocktail. Or I ordered it. It was a mojito-like thing with gin so of course I am going to order it. I needed a drink area on the table for just my beverages.

The designated Vivi drinking area
The designated Vivi drinking area

I followed up this awesomeness by going somewhere else to drink more beer (I love my craft beer).

So many choices
So many choices

I had the Maredsous 8 which was beautiful, yummy and I took my time drinking it.  I even sang a song to it:

I may have even shed a tear when it was gone. Hopefully I can find its brothers and sisters.


BBQ  with my parents which is always fun and full of yummy grilled meats and veggies.   I realized that most of these BBQs start off with tequila shots.

Fancy glass too!
Fancy glass too!

I approve.

I also experienced my first taste of Duck Dynasty and it is more entertaining than I thought it would be. I don’t know if I could sustain it on the epic marathon watching but it was fun. Thinking about reality shows shown on the cable channels and I believe they are designed for the marathon viewing.  I don’t think I would have ever watched Snapped any other way. They seem unsatisifying unless you are committing to a sloth day with them.  Eating Cheetos and ice cream with it adds 1000 sloth points to that day.



Recorded Junks Trunk which was super fun times.  Theme was new music but mostly an excuse to talk about anything newish.  We did debate the merits of this piece of business (spoiler: it is fully meritable):

I watched IRON MAN 3. It was super fantastical fun and a great summer action film (even though set at Christmas time).   I will give a more detailed review later this week. I  realized that Tony Stark is only comfortable with people who have strange names- Happy/ Pepper / Hulk / Thor. Also Happy and Jarvis need a show together where they just watch Downton Abbey.

Besides RDJ, the main hottie
Besides RDJ, the main hottie

My mom taught me  how to single crochet on Sunday,  so I spent part of Sunday and most of Monday practicing and watching Star Trek- The Next Generation season 6.  Some of the episodes were seriously painful to watch,, however there was enough good episodes to balance it out.  They are even writing Troi to be less insufferable. I think someone finally telling her to “lock up dem titties” helped. Riker, Picard, Data and Worf still get the best story lines and carry them all awesomely.

All this preface was basically so I could show you this:

One more thing- I found this live performance which I love muchly.

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