Behind the Candelabra


This is a movie that could have been a campy soupy mess but this turned out to be an ooey gooey s’more. The kind that are crispy on the edges, tasty and probably a little bad for you. Soderbergh excels at these type of movies. With fun, camp and a luxurious sheen to them.  He doesn’t take it too far but allows the material to play.
Michael Douglas and Matt Damon were both great in this movie. Douglas verged on a bit more on the camp, however he was Liberace. He was the crusty marshmallow that held this movie together. A marshmallow that is encrusted in a shit-ton of crystals.  Oh the crystals.

Things I learned from the movie:

-There are many things I am lacking in my life: glittered suits, sparkly pianos, houseboys

-If you take on a younger lovah-boy then you need to keep them busy at all times otherwise they do the drugs. And not the cheap ones either. Seriously I saw the hair, no cans of hairspray to huff? It must be abundant in that place.

-Worst time to be at the Liberace palace – any time the sun is directly shining into the house.  2nd worst time: when the bitch fights are on.

-I need a hot tub or tub that is huge enough for two people. This seems the best way to entertain.  With Champagne. It will be my famous bubbles and bubbles parties.

-Matt Damon isn’t an ugly shunt in the least but they made him extra pretty in this movie.

So pretty. Also jealous of the feathered hair.
So pretty. Also jealous of the feathered hair.

-While they made Rob Lowe look like he may have accidentally thought he was auditioning for Vulcan #2 in the Star Trek movie.

Vulcan or 70s Plastic Surgeon?
Vulcan or 70s Plastic Surgeon?

-Ricky got to fuck Lucy in the ass because he was the bandleader after-all. TMYK

-As outlandish the Liberace lifestyle was, I am kind of envious of it. I see a trip to Michaels in the future for a bucket of crystals and some glue guns. Finger burns be damned , Iz sparkling everything. Thugcat better move fast.

Mamma it sparkles!!
Mamma it sparkles!!

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