A Vivi Abroad- Torino

Torino was the last “new” city I visited.  It was the perfect city to end the trip: it was beautiful, relaxed and not packed with tourists.   For me it was probably my favorite city overall for just relaxing around and enjoying life.

– Again things close to early. This meant no gelato. I am dying (cough cough).
-I did have a super nice dinner that ended with CAKE.
-Awesome hotel with robes. I can be a simple girl but I won’t turn down amenities.
-We skipped the free breakfast because I was lazy. Andrea wins this round.
-Went to a cafe for breakfast and had the most amazing croissants with jam. This needs to exist always and forever.
-Since I love bright things, we stopped into this store called Tiger. It is a Denmark Ikea for tiny shit.  (not literally).
-I got a bunny that changes color and it is DTF. I love him and I named him Mr. Winkles III.
-Torino, again, is beautiful and filled with books, shopping and gelato. Torino seems studious, Firenze was Art and Milano was business. Rome was fuckall.
-Saw my first political movement /big protest. Things I learned about the labor/communist movement:
1. They really do like red. Like a lot.  Is it supposed to be the  blood of their enemies? Aren’t they against war?  So this is probably the blood of a  light stabbing.
2. Stuffed leopard on a truck as a mascot? Sure the exotic animal seems like a good representative of the common people.
3. They love Reggae. Do they know you don’t need a DJ for that shit?  And seriously not even RATM?  You are angry and trying to fight for your rights–  this isn’t time for Peter Tosh.
4. They still love Che and Lenin. Communism has been in effect for close to 100 years. There is no one more recent to idolize?  May I suggest Chairman Meow?  Cats are common, cute and will attract more people to your cause.

-Three mimes having a conversation.  YOU HAVE ONE JOB. DON’T TALK! FUCK YOU. I hate you more than regular mimes.
-Gelato today. I am saved!!!

-I ate a huge lunch like a bawse. And also ate too much like a dumb bawse.

-Because I am a Gemini, I helped to find an awesome place for dinner. Beer and awesome appertivo spread.
-Again I ate like a stupid bawse
-Got mustaches at Tiger!

-Woman in front of me bought so many colorful dishes. I think it is for the new movie My Big Fat Italian Wedding. Starring Danny DeVito. Secret: it really is just a long informerical for his Limoncello.
-Went to cafe where I got a watered down cappuccino. I think it is because I am American.
Looks pretty tastes like coffee water
-Mime begging bitches are bitches. You being a mime doesn’t make me love you more. And I won’t give you money.
-My feet were so filthy walking the streets.

Dirty Feet
Dirty Feet

-More ham for lunch. If you love ham and cheese do I have a country for you.
-Found an amazing place for our last dinner in Torino. I was so full of noms.

Train to Torino  and Milano
-Stocked up on croissants and had train gelato for the journey to Milano
-Got my second book in Italian. Hoping having books I love means I will learn the language quicker (Note almost a month later: still not happening)

-Dragged Andrea to the Duomo again so I could not really shop. Did get gelato where it all began.

-Got room service like a bawse with a mega beer. And ice bags. I had ice. Oh how i missed you.
-Got up super early to get to the airport in time.
-Encountered a charming taxi driver named Nico. Talked to Andrea most of the time but would say my name so I would perk up. He played music for us.  Super sweet and nice.
-Security in Italy is super easy to get through. Need to remember that for next time.
-So many safety videos I had to watch. Appreciate them trying to be different/funny. They don’t realize that the guy with a manual typewriter is actually a thing now and not that strange.
-Landed in JFK and immediately got a huge iced coffee from Starbucks. I almost cried.
-Survived the long day of travel that encompassed more that 24 hours of me traveling and not sleeping. Three flights and a run around in an airport.  Would totally have a travel day like that to go visit Italy again.

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