Vivi Tells You What to Listen To: Insert Cover Pun Here

I love me some covers. So much so, I could have done this premise before and not remembered.  I have no desire to do “research” thus  this will be a cover post or another cover post. You decide.  Mostly this is me listening to a lot of YouTube videos  and deciding to make it a thing.  So now it is your thing and they are all spectacular. Because this is me.

AV Club Selections

The AV Club did this thing where they would bring in musicians and give them a list of songs to cover. Once a song was chosen, it is no longer available. The premise is in the beginning of each of these videos and a quick interview.  You can just skip to the song if you want, I won’t tell.

1. GWAR- Carry On Wayward Son

I assume I am not the only one that thought this involved the celestial Sun instead of the person.  No idea why.  Secondly GWAR is hilarious and though I won’t listen to their music, I appreciate what they do. Keep it up, GWAR.  Obviously this is a great cover of this song otherwise it wouldn’t be here. It is pretty faithful to the original but with some GWAR-ness added. You made fun of GWAR, we know you did, and now you can appreciate them for having talent. Which they do. Qu’elle surprise? Don’t judge a band by its costuming.

2. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists- Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Using this as a reason to tell you to listen to Ted Leo more. And Aimee Mann. They are two of my favorite singer-songwriters. And they are doing things together now!! So it makes me happy and I am sharing the happy to you. With a cover of Tears for Fears. You love this song. There is no other option. This Vivilandia isn’t a democracy (neither is Pillowlandia). I rule this world (!!!) and loving Tears For Fears is required. Also is keeping clean feet. Dirty feet is nobody’s friend.

3. Mountain Goats – Boxcar

Question: Can you appreciate a song as a cover song if you don’t know what they are covering? No fucking clue who is Jawbreaker. I know jawbreakers as small little candies that  I had for lunch when I was 12. This is a lesson on why I need to learn more punk and you shouldn’t let a twelve year-old  have money to buy whatever they want for lunch.  It is fun and bouncy – how I like my punk.  I don’t like the angst. Get a job hippie.

4. Iron and Wine- One More Try

First whenever I hear the title I get this song in my head.  However Iron and Wine is doing a George Michael song. Which is also great and makes me tear a bit.  George Michael can do that to me. I think he did that to me when I was a child listening to this. Wow I just realized that George Michael is my first memory of being moved to tears by a song. I know whenever I heard Faith I was overwhelmed with the “this is awesome” feeling. I didn’t fully process those feelings as a child of 9-10.  This is a super Iron and Wine cover  which works perfectly for this song. Love it hard.

New Discovery
I found this group  on a related video search and fell awesome for it. Seriously enjoyable renditions of songs and the in-the-car premise works well. Simple and great.

5. Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers- Let’s Hear It For the Boy

After watching the latest Game of Thrones episode, I pondered having this song as an  “entrance” song instead of the Rains of Castamere. I think if I was in a medieval room and this song started slowly playing I would know shit was about to go down.  I suspect a Wrestler has already used this as an intro song. If not, may I suggest that you do?  This version  takes away the 80s and leaves you with a good song.

6. Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers – Forever Your Girl

Everyone loves this song. Let me repeat EVERYONE loves this song. There is nothing wrong with it. And when you do a great cover, EVERYONE loves the cover. End of discussion. Sing-along because you know all the words. It is our National Anthem. Because I am forever your girl. I would put no other lands I rule above you.


Been catching up on this show. Fun night time Soap Opera feel that doesn’t go too much for the super Soapy aspects. Plus there is the music which almost all of it is excellent and original songs. But they have done some awesome covers.

7. Lennon & Maisy- Ho Hey

Loved these girls doing “Call Your Girlfriend” and this is just as excellent. They have great voices and harmonize well together. Also I am amazed at how I haven’t gotten sick of this song. It is a bit over-saturated and I still love it hard. I also need a tambourine. And a ukulele. No reason. Asking for a friend. Not Hannibal Lecter. He is a bad friend. Mild my ass.

8.  Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio – If I Didn’t Know Better

Clare has such a beautiful voice and I suggest you check out all songs she sings for this show. It is a great beautiful song and rendition. Originally a Civil Wars song so it doesn’t  differ that much  from the original. This is more of a big commercial for Nashville to get you to see it.  If you have Hulu Plus, I think the entire season is available for you to marathon. It is fun with great music. So a country Gossip Girl.


9. Ben Folds- Such Great Heights

He originals and covers beautifully. This is a well thought-out cover of this song. A bit more upbeat than the Postal Service version and combined with the audience playing along it makes it fun.  I have never been bored by a cover he has done. There is so much intent and arrangement in his covers that makes them perfect. He doesn’t half-ass two things. He whole-asses one thing.  Ben Folds is the perfect mixture of talent, music love, and fun.

10. The Living Sisters- Can You Get To That

Sweet girls harmonizing Funkadelic. It is awesome.  Listen and enjoy. No other explanation needed.


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