Clearing the Queue: The Highlander

I was so jazzed after seeing this movie. It was all of the awesome and cheese in the world rolled into one synthpop package. Rock hard applesauce. I am now committed to watch the rest of the Highlander movies and series no matter how bad. Because science and all..

  • Fuck I love this opening song. My testosterone is ready to punch the ceiling!!!
  • Hey poutyface, is the racist wrestlers making you sad?  Or is it that none of the wrestlers have baby oil on them?
  • Sword fighting in a parking garage. Fuck yeah!!!!
  • How is it raining in this parking garage? Did I miss something?
  • A beheading!!! I am so in. All the time!!!
  • I want to behead people for powers. How do I start this process?
  • With the cars all going on it makes me think of this song.
  • Its a garage full of Christines!!
  • Angus pees his kilt all the time because he is a filthy drunk.
  • I was getting my hair cut the next day and almost asked for, The Highlander.
  • Poutyface needs some better conditioner.
  • Since you are all skirmishy and fighty, why not kill the bagpipers? Please? They are annoying.
  • Now calling poutyface, dopey.
  • Hey you! Get off of MacCloud! (I know this is the first time you heard this gem and are praising me for my cleverness. You can stop now).
  • If I cut off someone’s head during a blow job, what powers do I absorb?
  • OMG Clancy Brown. I have a secret crush on him. Well not so secret anymore.
  • Ooh Candy’s outfit looks good. I want it. Black and red latex.
  • This Queen song has saxophone. I love a good saxophone solo in rock/pop songs.
  • The beginning of some of the fighting music sounds like the Castle levels of Super Mario Brothers.
  • Inquisitive bitches. Aww. They always get into trouble.
  • He has the devil in him because he rose from the dead? You Scots wanna know who else rose from the dead? JESUS.
  • I wanna be a Highlander for Dopey’s apartment alone.
  • So Sean Connery is a Spaniard with a thicker Scottish accent than dopey?
  • He is also a gay Spaniard. The peacock feathers! I love the costume. I kind of want it
  • Oooh I love a good quickening.
  • Dopey caught fish in his kilt. I kind of wish it were crabs.
  • Never over extend your thrust. — TWSS
  • Clancy is the Viktor Krum of Highlanders
  • Why hasn’t boobs run away yet? Now she is trapped. Seriously we are a dumb sex sometimes.
  • Clancy Krum got the orgasm of power. YAYAYAY.
  • I just Bond get beheaded.
  • Did Dopey absorb the powers of identifying scotch? I would want better powers than that.
  • Hey inquisitor, I have bigger priorities than you creaming over my sword. How about lets help me keep my head?
  • I love the Black Highlander!!
  • We are now calling Clancy Krum, The Kraken. For you know reasons.
  • That is a lot of blush, Kraken.
  • You know the Highlander way?  You don’t bring a gun to a sword fight.
  • Aww token lost his head.
  • That is some fancy computer work for the 1980s.
  • Kraken just uglied himself up. Sadface.
  • Perfect way to exit the church: Better to burn out than fade away.
  • So after I am forced to stab a man to prove his immorality, I always kiss him. We call it Fuck Fest Fridays.
  • These are also followed up with Sadistic Kidnapped Saturdays.
  • Dear god I love you  Kraken.
  • Hey Dopey you had to have known you wouldn’t be able to rescue her before the Kraken showed up. Right?
  • Kraken is a bit too grunty. You can do this! Beat Dopey down!
  • Since there is only one now- I guess that is why the breaking glass party like the end of a Michael Jackson video  happened.
  • I get it you know everything. Do you know my favorite type of boba tea?
  • Aww he is dirty. You think he would get the power of self-cleaning.

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