Bunny Thoughts

A post complied explicitly of random thoughts from my last couple of days on Earth. Which is super accurate. I am still on Earth and not planning to leave but if I was evicted  by the snorlaxes (snolaxi?) and forced to live on planet Kypton these would be my last thoughts.

Superhero Weaknesses: It is a known fact that I hate the Green Lantern and the fact that a room filled with yellow post-its can take him down is even more reason for my hate.

If Superman’s main weakness is something from his home planet (thank fuck he left that mess) and that planet was  destroyed, why is there a fuckton of it on Earth?

The Tonys (of which I watched 1 hour):
-The dude who plays Elijah on Girls was in the Original Cast of The Book of Mormon (The More You Know!)
-I need to get into writing Musicals. I want to a  revamp of  the Crucible with the greatest hits of Dave Clark Five.  Stretching  scene will be set to Glad All Over.
-Jesus’ mamma never wins. Mary has a son that kills himself and she can’t even win for best play. Something called Vaya Masha blah blah and spike wins. I think it is because it has big named stars.
-I can’t believe the pure Broadway actors/writers/directors are okay with all these big named stars and rehashing of ideas in seemingly everything.
-Now I am doing a musical version of Drive me Crazy. The tag line “We will see you there in our formal wear!”
-I learned that mentioning your dead mother in your acceptance speech does not stop the music.
-What the fuck? Christmas Story the musical? Seriously? Sigh. What is the name of the song that the mother sings to teach her child that he can be a douche.
-I want to learn to tap and play the banjo so I can challenge myself to duels.
-I totes thought Pippin was younger. I totes thought I knew what Pippin was and was soooo wrong.
-If  Pippin is adopted by whores then I might be into this. Oh it is just a circus. BOOOOOOOOO
-What is up with all these orphan stories? They are so boring. I get it that you are the cutest and most precocious so you get the magical fairy parents while the rest of your orphan friends stay gray.
-I think Michael Bloomberg shrunk from the limo to the stage. That is the only explanation of that tie.

I like ties and I cannot lie
I like ties and I cannot lie

-The Tony’s are the best produced show on TV as they should be. And Neil Patrick Harris is amazing. Look at this opening number:  WATCH ME

-Windows 8 is a frustrating fucktard.  I think even if I had a touch screen I would hate it. I want a computer not a tablet. That is why I bought a COMPUTER.
-I got a tactile keyboard for my iPad and it is the boooombdiggity.  I feel all fancy like.
-I have all the technolgies!!!!!!

And they are all mine!!!!
And they are all mine!!!!

-Beer and food with really great friends is the bestest and makes me the happiest
-Greek food is the bestest. Sometimes a bit too much honey but so yummy

Game of Thrones Season 3 Finale:
-Something I don’t think Papa Greyjoy asked but got anyways:

photo 1(1)

Beer and Greeks:

-Beer Science!  A place called White Labs makes beers that are the same but just changes the yeast . It works if you are super beer geeky.

I do science in my mouth
I do science in my mouth

-I kind of know this already but I am a fairly light weight. A flight of beer and two beers and drunk.  Maybe that is more than I think.
-Went to a Greek festival. Yeah the culture is awesome but I got to eat so much greek awesome.  Fried dough balls with honey!
-Beer weekends are never dull. There is this beer that is a coconut porter and it is nomdizzles.
-I did four breweries and one brewpub in 4 days.  Yay consistency.
-The reason why I don’t talk beer to people is because it usually involves me saying only: yummy, yayya, more.

-I rewatched (yes rewatched) Twilight the other day. Just the first one. The others are for the rest of the week. Shush your face.
-Realized that Edward says basically “I have all the things that make women like me: I sparkle, I am pretty, I smell good. But I don’t need those to attack you. See I am quick and I can have you if I want. Not creeeeepy at all to a girl you are trying to woo.
-Girls come here and sit around Vivi. I am going to give you some advice. If you have to say to yourself or to your SO “I know you won’t kill/rape me”  then you should leave the relationship. NOW.
-Also Bella if you don’t want to feel like people are staring at you while you sleep , SHUT THE WINDOW. Then creepo non-sleeper won’t stare at you while you sleep.
-I hate how vampires have been around for a babillion years and they are all  I love classical music. Shut your face. Adapt. Live in the NOW.
photo-But seriously I have a deep love/hate relationship with this.

Random Recommendations:
Read This 
Watch This
-Listen to the new Vampire Weekend

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