Creative Parfait

I feel the need to write something about the three separate things I have experienced in these past two days that have moved me creatively and emotionally. I keep on trying to find a clever hook or angle. I was going to borrow the “blender metaphor” from a blog post I will link you to and expand upon it but I doesn’t hold the same meaning as it did 5 minutes ago.

This is kind of an Art appreciation post. Or one about inspiration. Or everything in the kitchen sink.

There are probably grammatical errors in here. I tried to clean them up a bit but afraid that if I try to edit too much I won’t post it.

Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer

I love both of these beautiful people. Amanda just posted a beautiful (code- you will need tissues) bit of writing about her thoughts on Neil and his latest book, The Ocean At The End Of the Lane. So take a moment and read this and come back.

I know I just made you read a lot and now you are back for more reading. I hope I make it worth it.


I am excited to read Gaiman’s latest book. Beyond excited. It is the first book I pre-ordered and is quietly waiting on my doorstep for me to get home and hug it for dear life. And then read it.
I expect to love it and be inspired to write. I feel that way when I read anything by Gaiman.
His writing is simple and complex it has layers or this surface level that is still very enjoyable.

Layers. Who doesn’t Like parfait. All three of these things are parfaits. Where the top layer is good but when you dig your spoon all the way down and pull up all of the bits it is just this orgasmic experience. But you don’t have to do that. You can have enjoyment with just the top layer. I am in a rambly, messy mood because I don’t want to be pretentious but I want to show what I gained from things. Sigh. This is a mess of a post and I will probably publish it all messy.
I like messy.


I am recommending that you read The Ocean At The End of The Lane. I will post a review when I am done but you should read it now. It is fairly short so if it isn’t your thing then you won’t spend too much time on it.

Mad Men

I was talking about this show yesterday and explaining the plot of the latest episode and I realized it is my favorite TV show. Ever. I know this may not be important to you but this realization was, to me.
I love it because it tells interesting stories and has fun twists and shocking moments but underneath it all there is this symbolism and interpretation that is just begging to be absorbed. The seasons have a thematic undercurrent and it is like an episodic puzzle game that I highly enjoy.
This season is the first season where I am appreciating it fully which means I will go back and re-watch the previous ones.
A show that encourages conversation beyond “I can’t believe that happened. That was awesome” but goes to character discussions or did you see that door was open during that scene that must mean this.

I am speaking in vagueness because I want you to watch it. The first 5 seasons are on Netflix.

Vaguey Vague girl is now going to migrate to

Kanye West – Yeezus


Like an episode of Mad Men, you can gleam off the surface and find a good story and rhythm but it is when you delve deeper into the whole composition that you find meaning.
Kanye is calculated and careful with every beat, every word. I feel like this album is him seeking control. He always is a man seeking validation for his work but then always challenging how art is made. He has successfully blended punk, soul, hip-hop, electronic into one album.

He starts off with On Sight that has this harsh electronic dissonance that migrates into a catchy beat. It has angst and anger and the Kanye cleverness in rhyme. It sets you up to have an album that isn’t going to be like any thing else you have listen to. You have to be ready to listen to this.

Black Skinhead is up next and it has more of a Marilyn Manson beat to it. You hear the anger and urgency in the song.

I think the song that is the most intriguing is I am a God. It has a strong beat with the the harsh electronic but the lyrics are seemingly more cheeky. Then there is silence and there is a beat with this screaming that goes to your core. And then a gentle choral lulls you back down.

But he has your attention.

For you to hear New Slaves. The song he wants you to pay attention to. The previous songs lead you up and establish his provenance so you will believe what he has to say in this song. You hear his words the clearest in this song.

Cool-down with Hold My Liquor and then he kicks into full gear with I’m In It. He understands how the mind will pay attention and how to keep you active and engaged in an album.

Which is cool-down after “I’m In It” features a tweaked Nina Simone that is familiar but has this calling that makes you listen.

I just don’t want to ramble more but the rest of the album does this progression of cool-down and harsher. Ending with Bound 2 which has probably some of the “funniest” lines and a R&B hook.

Kanye stuck it in hard but at least he gave you a blanket to cuddle in after.

I can't resist a cute animal with an amusing quote
I can’t resist a cute animal with an amusing quote

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