Awesome List – Birfday Editionish

I am doing an Awesome List today and foregoing the “Vivi Tells You”.  You may not be familiar with an Awesome List but seriously the name is pretty indicative of what it is. It isn’t rocket science (should I add that to the list? It is awesome. But it is it awesome this week. Seriously rocket science what have you done for me this week?). I do these semi-regularly on my podcast, UNCAST.   And now here is one written for you. With tons of pictures!!! Pictures are pretty.  Pretty things. SHINY things.

10. Bruno Mars- When I Was Your Man
It is a bit sad but it is so beautiful. Bruno Mars has a voice that is almost butter but better than Country Crock. He is definitely an Earth Balance voice. Yummy and healthier than most.  Great ballad. Listen.

9.  Summer Reading

I just finished reading World War Z and now reading The Twelve. Then I get to read the Neil Gaiman book (The Ocean at the End of the Lane) and other things. If  I can focus and actually read.  😉 Plus it is summer so I get to do this poolside, in a cute swimsuit with yummy drinks. I am an ambiance girl.

I has one!
I has one!

8. Anna Kendrick- Cups

A cute little song from the movie Pitch Perfect that has migrated into this great video and song. Anna Kendrick is adorahot and hilarious and just all around fantastic. A cute little song to make you happy during your day.

7. Gin and Tonics
Going to the House of Blues  made me realize how much I  love these little babies. I am declaring this the Summah of the Gin and Tonic and Belgians. Woo!

Gin and Tonic.mmmmmmm
Gin and Tonic.mmmmmmm

6. Harry Potter (or the re-watch)

Love me some Harry P. Wow that sounded dirtier than I intended. HAHAHHAHA JK  totes intended.   I love re-watching things I love. I just watched all of the latest season of Parks and Recreation and I usually do a yearly Doctor Who re-watch. Currently it is all the Harry Potter movies. This is made easier that Andreaboo gifted me all of the movies on Blu-Ray. No more waiting for them to show up on HBO/Cinemax.

5. P!nk –  Just Give Me A Reason- ft. Nate Ruess

This is my currently most listened to song. I think it is for the sing-a-long aspect. I am also in a pop ballad mood it seems. So sad songs. But I am not sad.  I haz a happy! I have nothing else. Just listen.

4. Archer
Amazing voice acting with being super funny makes this an awesome show. If you are like me and a bit hesitant to watch because it is animated, don’t . Watch this now.  It is on Netflix and you will be so happy that you did.

3. King Khan and the Shrines- Land of the Freak

SO MUCH FUN. You can choose any song from them and will dance and move and be super happy. And they are coming to San Diego in October and I get to go! Super dance party!!! Birthday dance party!!!

2. John Hodgman’s Ragnarok

Before you immerse yourself in Archer, go watch this on Netflix.  John Hodgman is always fun and this show is no exception.  To intice you to watch I drew some pictures of the show as I watched it.

1. My birthday
Not to be too bragalicious,  but my birthdays can be super fun. The reason why I love them the most is that I get to hang with people I love.  This year I plan to have Cake and Ale with friends. Yayya. Here is some of the awesome already happening. I am truly thankful for the people in my life. They are so amazing and sweet and hilarious.

Random notes-

A) I love my iPad for the drawing apps. So I can create all the bunnies and other assorted crazy. I drew a Hogwarts Bunny Party:

Wizard bunnies
Wizard bunnies



I really don’t need a reason to post that. It is my birthday!

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