That Blur is Blur…..

You aren’t a concert photographer and neither is your phone.

I have the best iPhone you can currently have (humblebrag) and I cannot take a good concert photo to save my life. Sure maybe if I used flash I could get something approximating something that isn’t as a grainy mess but it is still crappy. Unless you are close to the stage this is the same for everyone.

Also is dark, so every time you click that itty bitty little button and your phone does big-ass flash, the artist is momentarily blinded. Is that a nice thing to do?   (Answer: it isn’t)

Don’t take pictures.

I saw She & Him this past Friday  (amazing show!! ) and there were a plethora of people snapping pictures with their glares of light filling up the audience. So at one point, Zooey Deschanel stopped and told people to enjoy the moment. Live and not through a lens.

I second this enjoy the moment. It a concert, it doesn’t need to be documented by Kodak (grandma c’mon Costco won’t process your film rolls from 1984).  Listen to the songs later to jog your memory. That will mean more than pictures.

Admit it the main reason why you are taking the grainy pictures is to tell your friends “look I am here doing awesome tings and you aren’t :p”.  So lets repeat after me:

Don’t be a dick.

You paid money to see this concert, enjoy it. Dance. Let the music over take you.


ThugCat loves taking pictures of herself
ThugCat loves taking pictures of herself

I understand you want to take pictures of yourself or you and your friends at this concert. I will allow it.  Although I ask you to do so when there is no one performing.  Me being distracted by your flashified face while trying to listen to an awesome song is grralicious.  And rude to other attendees and the artist.

Opening Acts

Now I am just ranting but whatevs. Going to two concerts in one week makes me notice patterns.

Respect the opening act. They are doing everything they can to be awesome for you and get you ready for the show.

If you don’t want to see them, show up late.

Don’t talk during their set. The person next you may love them more than bread (seriously that is impossible).

Don’t be a dick.

I vow to also honor these rules because I have been known to be a dick:

photo 1(7)

That Blur is Zooey!!!
That Blur is Zooey!!!

One thought on “That Blur is Blur…..

  1. Yes! I realized this a couple concerts back. I’d try and remember what things looked like but more often than not I spent 3/4 of the concert looking through the lens. For what? To have blurry pics of people the size of ants to post on my FB later? Even video is shaky, blurry and mainly has the noise of people yelling around you. Since my last concert I’ve made more of an effort to not take pics and just let the music and show wash over me. So much better!

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