Vivi Tells You What To Listen to – Pt 47

There is a House in New Orleans. I suspect, never having been there, that there are more than just the one house. I do know it is has people, restaurants, stores, other business establishments.  There seems to be a house in New Orleans where the sun rises. Why they get the monopoly on the rising sun, I have no idea. I think Atlantic City gets the monopoly on Monopoly.  But not really. There are so monopoly variants now that there is really no monopoly on monopoly. Is that ironic?

Oh music… This list is a bit everywhere. I had like three plans, didn’t follow through with any of them, and collected parts for each.  This will be a janky Voltron list. So much so, that it will be a Voltron that falls apart walking to its first flight.  The left leg will roll off and try to fight the monster but fail. THe leg not the JankyVoltron. He will fall over. Sorry world.

You can build a city on Rock and Roll but you cannot build a mecha-robot on YouTube videos.

I will go back to what I know best, telling you what you should put in your ears. NOT THAT. These:

1. Mudcrutch- The Wrong Thing to Do

Why This Was Added: No idea.

I generally am in the NO TOM PETTY box.  We are all in two boxes right? The YAY TOM PETTY and the NO TOM PETTY. Some super huge boxes.  I guess liking this song and other Mudcrutch (sigh band name) songs, I am now climbing out of the NO TOM PETTY box. My stomach is hurting from the cardboard pressing into it as I climb out and into the YAY TOM PETTY box. It is just too far away and I don’t care that much. Stomach dents FTW!
Love these lyrics: I got a woman waiting//At the top of the stairs//It’s the wrong thing to do//But I don’t care  He questions being a manwhore for just a second.

2. Charles Bradley- The World (Is Going Up In Flames)

Why This Was Added: I think I added this because of two reasons- 1. Because it is a phenomenal song. Like seriously soul slapping good. 2. Because I love a good jumpsuit with pockets.

I would never wear a jumpsuit because I would look like reject factory worker.  Bradley has such a strong voice. I love when they put all of their heart and soul into a song. This is the reason why I love Soul Music.  Also because I am awesome.

3. twenty one pilots- Holding On To You

Why This Was Added: No fucking clue.

Also no idea why I like this song.  I must have mocked another bands that sound similar but honestly not coming up with names. So I will admit it, I like pussy music. Yes, you are pussies. Why do you need 21 pilots to do your job?  Are you all that drunk? Maverick didn’t need that many (big ups to Goooose). What are your 21  pilot names? Pussy 1, Pussy 2, Hopscotch, Janky Foot, Pussy 3,  Ropestick, etc?   It has this feel of young kids rocking that so want to be more than young kids rocking.  So it is good if you like Pop Rocks. Ooh that metaphor works. Lets do this!!  It’s sweet, fills your mouth and then it pops which can be fun or annoying as fuck.  Then you have stains on your fingers so you NEVER forget that you ate them.

4. Panic! At The Disco- The Ballad of Mona Lisa

Why This Was Added: I have a weakness. OR an awesome.

See children this is what you are supposed to do.  You can do the fancy frou frou videos but just make them into a sensible-ish story.  Seriously children, don’t go all weird on me. SteamPunk vampires—That has never been done before with a catchy chorus!  I think they are teaching me about what to do at a old-timey funeral. So I get to learn things.  The Failed Mavericks didn’t teach me nothing. Nothing.

5. 30 Seconds To Mars- From Yesterday

Why This Was Added: Seriously I feel shame for adding this song. I do have reasons:  I am insane,  I have a 30 Seconds to Mars weakness, and this video is so fucking weird.

So you don’t have to watch the 7 minute video, here is the premise: A Chinese Child Emperor gets whatever the fuck he wants for his birthday including ice from stars and the like. As  you do. But he decides he wants to bring a mediocre aging  rock band to China. He looks at their old faces ( that they’re still trying to cover up with eyeliner and hair made for a teen) and decides they need to put on these old school warrior costumes with masks and shit. The band, of course, sees weird shit because they are tripping balls to handle the trip to China. And to better understand what the child and the child henchmen are saying. 30 Seconds to Mars doesn’t  realize that Google translate don’t have no “translate pill” . Also they will take anything that makes them forget the wrinkles. Really having no better idea, they all strap on the outfits and get swords.  Then they all fight each other.  And finally realize that they are in a CIRCLE  touching swords.  They put on masks, fly to China to touch each other’s sword.  The song itself  is a typical 30 Seconds to Mars so you choose if you want to hear this one.

6. April Smith- Terrible Things

Why This Was Added:You need to listen to this.


This amazing gem is done my my new favorite artist (of the moment).   April Smith will be added to my pantheon of women artists I love and cherish. Sometimes I feel like I am forming some sort of women singer menagerie or commune. They can all play music; we can all have sex. We can all be awesome. I am a chick so this makes this scenario okay. And they aren’t exactly “trapped”.

7. Frank Turner- Recovery

Why This Was Added:  Coming to San Diego and I decided to check him out.

First I didn’t know he was British. Swoon.  So this song is 21000% better. Megafun which is the super Vivi seal of approval.  Bouncy how I like my songs (boobs). Summerrrific. This is the good part of the Voltron. A strong set of shoulders or thighs. mmmm thighs.  Sorry back to the bounce. You should rent a bounce house and dance to this song in said bounce house. Hurry up! The weekend is almost here and those kids having birthday parties will get to them first. However, you are older and can tackle them. Teach them the true meaning of “White House Down.”

8.  TOTAL – Kissing You

Why This Was Added: They were mentioned on Who Charted?

I can’t believe I missed this song when it came out. Perfect 90s R&B girl groupalicious. With extra swank. I think I had the idea to take this song and spin it into a 90s R&B list. Which I failed.   Now TOTAL is subjugated to t being a broken robot arm (name of my new band that will kick 21 pilots ass).  I hope I at least bayoneted that arm.  Luckily you still have this song. And kisses. Lots of kisses.

9. Franz Ferdinand- Right Action

Why This Was Added: New song by a band I recognize.

Oh and I like said new song. It has the aforementioned bounce. Alex Kapranos’ voice is taken over by the music a bit, which is not a bad thing for this song but I think his voice is seeeeeeeeeeeeexy.  It generates a bit of sadness in this Vivi.  As much as I want to like Franz Ferdinand, I am generally meh on them.  I do think this one is very re-listenable and road trip worthy. I can see some political party trying to use this as their theme song. Let’s hope it is a good party and not a shitty one like the Evil Puppy party. However puppies are adorable and evil can be fun. I give you permission EPP to use the song.   Not you– the Stalin Stallions party.  You are dicks and try to kick one to many persons to Siberia with your hooves.

10. The Calling – Wherever You Will Go

Why This Was Added: Because it is Wherever You Will Go. And I needed a 10th song.

Sometimes I feel like this song is really following me Wherever I Go.  I have been listening to this 90s gem consistently for the past month and it shows up on a friend’s mixtape.  And it randomly played on the radio.  You love this song, I love this song. Even your Evil Puppy loves this song. The video had a robot. So again it is FATE. For some reason  he will go “wherever you will go” as long as it is High or Low. No other directions allowed.  This may be good or bad depending on how creepy and unbathed he is.


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