Random Pop Culture Notes

Some of these are a bit not too current but hey maybe you are more behind than me. I swear I am not trying to say anything about you. I love you and all. I am sharing. Sharing is daring to care.  I got this.

Under the Dome

Never read the Stephen King Book but I have seen the Simpsons Move. I feel my deep  knowledge of SpiderPig makes me able to understand the intricacies of this show.  This seems to be a  “bottle episode” written into a novel and now into a show. Thus it becomes a  show of “bottle episodes”.  With the added touch of “how did they get into the bottle?”.

After watching the first two episodes I have the two first judgments: 1- People are craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay 2- I care more for the mystery of the dome than the people trapped in it.  So I will continue to watch hoping they reveal enough of the mystery and/or make me care about the people Dome-Side.

Two notes that are spoilery:
– The whole town is under crisis and everyone is freaking out a bit, so lay off the crazy just for today. Maybe tomorrow. Could you do that for me pouty boy?  NO. I will sit over here a comfortable distance from you.

Hey Sheriff, main police dude, whatever. You have a Pacemaker, the dome is electrified. Lets not touch the wall before you go fizzle fizzle. Too late.

BET Awards

I can’t believe I missed this awards show. There were too many good performances that I had to watch online later. If you don’t know who Charlie Wilson is or even if you do, watch the first video here:


Prince’s Dirty Mind

Purple Rain is the best album of all time (no debate). This album should also be in your pantheon of  favorite albums. I listened to it while reading today. Maybe more about that later. So go and listen to this on Spotify. Then buy the album.  If you need more convincing (humph) then Jesse Thorn on the show, Bullseye, talked about it in an eloquent way.

This image is totes apropos:


Course of the Force Videos

As San Diego Comic-Con season is quickly approaching  news and videos are popping up. I sadly not be attending but will try to write about the things I try to participate in outside of the Comic-Con. Starting soon will be the Course of the Force which is a lightsaber relay race from Skywalker Ranch to San Diego. All of the proceeds go to charity(whee!!). So go out and support them if they are close to you. Also watch these videos that are getting you ready for the Course of the Force. They are mucho hilarious and deserving of your time.


Don’t Listen To:

This is the new Robin Thicke song. It is icky in lyrics and beat. Okay if you have to. I am not responsible for your mess but I will try to help.

Listen to:

Reluctant to get on this bandwagon for shallow reasons, I am now fully on the Disclosure moving object.  So listen and dance and have fun.

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