Vivi Tells You What to Listen To- Red White and Blue

statueof bunny

Hey those are colors not songs! As much as I like my gimmicks, I also love my themes! Basically anything to keep me structured so I don’t go to crazy or too “this is awesome”.

I have a feeling there is a holiday coming up or maybe I really like all countries with Red, White and Blue flags. Wait until you see my Bastille Day list! I might try to find 10 covers of Ca Plane Pour Moi. Which honestly would be awesome (1).   But alas, it is American Independence Day. The day we decided to sign a paper saying “hey you over there, quit it”.   At least it wasn’t a passive aggressive Declaration of Independence “It would be nice if certain crown whores would allow us to live without taxation. Also could the person leaving the poo next to the chamber pot aim better next time.”

Songs with “Red” “White” or “Blue” in the title. This way if you aren’t American (shocked-face), you can still enjoy this list.  They are also all covers. Because of no good damn reason.

1.  UB40 – Red Red Wine

A UB40 concert was where I first smelt the now familiar marijuana smell. At that time being a young innocent girl of 14 I had no idea what the hell it was and hated the smell. Oh young Vivi. Little did you know.

Gimmick of what to play this for at your Summer (no necessarily America Day related) BBQ.

Play it: To find out who is holding

2. The Lost Fingers – Karma Chameleon

So I am pushing the limits with this song. The word red is featured strongly in the chorus but not in the title. But finding “Red” songs with good covers is harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd. Also I love this song. This cover is cute and fun.

Play it: To find out who are the Secret Canadians.

3. Goldfinger – 99 Red Balloons

You should be grilling all the meat when playing this song. Nothing says I understand your plight Nena, better than ‘here is some dead cow on this hot grill’.  Classic cover of this song which sadly isn’t done in German. How hard is it to learn German, Goldfinger? I hear German brings all the women to the yard. (Must not make joke; must not make joke). Oh they did sing the German. My bad. It has been a while since I listened to this. Take-Backsies?

Play it: To find out your Secret Germans or Secret Skate/Cali Punk Lovers

4. Howard Jones- White Flag

Love the Dido song and since I have this stupid rule, there is this cover. Oh there was another cover by a horrible sounding rock band. I think most people would think it is horrible not just me and my rock bias.  Howard Jones voice is beautiful which makes the straight cover of the song good.

Play it: To find out who the awesome (2) people are.

5. Michael Bolton – A Whiter Shade of Pale

I love the original version of this song. Confession: I used to like Michael Bolton.  Mitigating circumstances: I was young?  Whatever fuck you. This is a horrible version of this song. It shouldn’t exist, but it does. You should hear it have your ears bleed a little like mine did. It didn’t really hurt and you only need tissue to clean it up.

Play it: To find out who you need to ban immediately.

6.  Emiliana Torrini – White Rabbit

I hate the original version of this song and I love this version. It is swanky and  when you listen to it, a hashish cloud forms around you. More so than the original. Plus I love the way she says “taaall”.  I am giving you this song because it is awesome (3) and to help your ears after the Bolton. If you didn’t hear the Bolton, then you don’t deserve this song. Pink Floyd had it right:


Play it: To find out who has the hookah in their back pocket. Also means they have lots of junk in their trunk.

7. Nouvelle Vague – Blue Monday

More swank.  As much as I love my bounce, I love my swank. I have this need to sway around a room holding a cocktail up in the air. I have a need to live in the 50/60s without being an oppressed female. Though I wouldn’t  have to work. Hmmm.. Will get back to you on that one. Also when I have procured a time machine. Another thing- strangely I do not have a need for speed.

Play it: To find out who can carry those martinis without spilling

8. Norah Jones and M. Ward- Blue Bayou

When you have Norah Jones’ smoky voice combined with M. Ward’s sessy voice  you get this amazing cover. It also takes away what this song usually invokes for me: the restaurant by the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. I have no idea why. Oh because it is called Blue Bayou. Sight I am not a smart girl.

Play it: To find out who just melted into a puddle of goo.

9. Sha Na Na- Blue Moon

Doesn’t Bowzer from Sha Na Na start singing this song when he does those Time Life Infomercials? Regardless, you probably know this song from Grease. At least you should. Classic ballad that you should love. Or you are dead inside.

Play it: To find out who knows how to hand jive in slow motion. (Just the way you like it)

10. Reverend Horton Heat- Folsom Prison Blues

I have seen the Reverend probably 4 times now so it would seem I like the man. I honestly don’t really listen to his music outside of the concerts but the concerts are so much fun. This is is a super musically fun version of this song. It is hard to cover Johnny Cash and not ache for the original but the Reverend makes you think of the Cash version with his own  good twist.

Play it: To find out who went to jail



There is a bonus song in the playlist. While it wasn’t a cover, I had to add it in.

I searched Red, White and Blue and found this image. I don’t know what it is supposed to be but probably not what it is in my head:


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