An Excuse to show my crappy drawings

I love drawing. If I follow instructions, I can approximate pretty well and I have learned to do somethings better than most. Bunnies as you all know are my specialty.  My new favorite medium for drawing is the iPad. I have tried to use a Stylus but found that generally my fingers are more responsive. Fingers all the way!  I have been downloading all of the apps (within reason) to try out. The downside to most of these apps is that they run you about $6 a piece plus some have additional features for a cost.  The ones I have tried are Paper 53, Sketches, Bamboo Paper and Noteshelf.  I will talk about each briefly while showing you some mediocre drawings of mine:
I apologize to non iOS people out there. I didn’t check to see which of these apps are available on Android or Windows Mobile. 

Paper 53

The first one I got and I still love it. It does lack a lot of features that Sketches has and they are both the same price ($6.99 USD). The notebook feature is stellar. If you do multiple things like I do, you realize quickly that being able to sort them into books is crucial.

I drew this “lizard” to eventually print and post in my Patio. I wanted to kindly ask the lizard that frolics through my patio to find another place to frolic. I don’t let my Thugcat outside to kill you and  you being in the patio is torturing her.


That lizard was like my 4th attempt at trying to draw one. So then I was commissioned to draw a Turtle. And that I did. The best Turtle ever!!IMG_0069


Many more features and options than Paper 53.  You can choose the size of the tips of the brush, pen, marker, etc. There is also a pattern stamp feature and my favorite of the coloring is the airbrush. Even though I haven’t figured it out yet, you can bring a photo into the drawing and mark it all up. If you create a new color, it shows in your color list (not featured in Paper 53). The only downsides I have to this program is the lack of notebooks and sending pictures process is cute but could be simpler.

Played around with these drawing tutorials I found on the Comic-Con Blog

Bamboo Paper

It seems to be more of a writing app than a drawing app but  you could do both. It also features the bring in the photo and mark it all up feature (which I have demonstrated below).  It is cheaper in the beginning than the other ones above with a basic $1.99 (USD) to get the essentials and then an additional $3.99 (USD) for more brushes and features. If you want fancy Notebook covers they will cost you $.99 (USD) each.  I like it but I forget that I have it with everything else I am using.


Like Bamboo Paper this is more of a note-taking app than drawing (hence its name). Which is what I wanted but then I realized that I can’t write worth a donkey’s left nut with the stylus or my fingers. The drawing though is fun and you can bring pictures in and mark them up too.  When you create a new notebook you can choose what type of paper you want to use. You can also purchase additional notebook covers or papers for about $.99 (USD) each.

If I needed a Note-taking app I would choose this one over Bamboo Paper.  It does have the additional cost of $5.99 (USD) where Bamboo Paper is initially free but really $1.99(USD) to feel comfortable with the app.

Since I have seen this masterpiece and haven’t had a chance to write a piece about it, here is my Sharknado:


Another app I use but didn’t make a drawing with is , Penultimate. It is a note-taking app too but it is part of the Evernote series of applications. This means it will sync with Evernote and you can access your notes on all devices that has Evernote access. And it is free with some non-crucial (person depending) In-App purchases.

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