Album Review: Natalia Kills- Trouble



I don’t know how to review an album in the professional sense,  I know what I like and try to describe that by correlating it to creative scenarios  or naming I want to do when listening to the song.  I do want to share albums that are striking my fancy so I am going to approach this in the Viviest way possible and hopefully create something interesting.

My musical listening has been going towards this progression-  from New Wave to SynthPop to Triphop and now I am onto Disclosure which is more into the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) planet.  It does seem like I might be headed down one of the many spokes of the EDM world even though I have no idea where I going or what I am doing.  I am just enjoying what I like but it does feel a bit weird.  I  feel a bit too old to be migrating this way but maybe I am Benji Buttioning this situation. Or I am a vampire.  Or I am having a rebirth. An Arab Spring. No wait that isn’t what I thought it was. An Irish Spring? No not that either.  We will call it a Dance Spring– my goal is to booty dance with the best of them. And fur rainbows!! And glitter? I get glitter too right?

Now on to the main feature the  album Trouble by Natalia Kills.

Her debut album, Perfectionist, was introduced to me during a time where i was feeling frustrated and down and the synthpop with the added aggression was exactly what I needed. I listened to that album repeatedly over the course of a week to keep me going and pushing forward. When I am down I will sometimes migrate over to the weepy soul seeking music but in the end I want the aggressive hard beats to push me through the dark.  Thus, y’all, I am a fan of her work.  It has an edge. It isn’t pretty and that works well for me.

This album, her sophomore work, has that same edge. It is a bit lighter in musical tone but the material still has more bite than lets say of a Ke$ha. The album starts off with Television which starts with a small intro and goes straight into a strong guitar and percussion beat.  The song gets you up and dancing immediately.  Kills then moves to the first single off the album, Problem which is an even harder beat than Television.  I included this song in a previous Vivi Tells You and it is a serious booty shaker. I still love this song and hearing it on the actual album makes me love it more. This song as well as Television has that driving rhythm that I have been unconsciously seeking in my songs lately.  I am being drawn music that strives to go somewhere musically or emotionally. I want to go on a journey, damn it  (Don’t Stop Beliiiiivinn).

Other notable things on the album:

  • Stop Me also carries the drive with a dirty road head feel. Choice lyrics: “Fuck me in the Paris’ lights” and “I put my high heels on so I’m closer to God”.
  • She slows it down a bit with the guitar at the beginning of Boys Don’t Cry that evokes 80s Hair Metal then migrates into a late 80s/early 90s pop song, complete with the stop in the middle to talk portion.  Choice Lyric: “I wanna kiss you where it hurts”.
  • Daddy’s Girl starts off with part of Rich Girl by Hall and Oates. I thought for a second my iTunes ghost shuffled on me but no it is this song.  After the H&O portion it molds into a stronger Cher Lloyd song.
  • There a multiple songs on this album that evoke some sort of daddy issues. Not sure what to do with that.
  • Saturday Night is her other single. This is her young adult anthemic song which seems to be a common place thing now. Ke$ha with Die Young, Fun with We Are Young, Hot Chelle Rae with Tonight Tonight, and this song. Songs about this being the night to get shit done.
    This does evoke this image of packs of glittered out people traipsing through the streets dragging bottles of hooch and raising their arms in the air proclaiming this is their night. A kind of neon Les Miserables (the original 80s movie). Hopefully Neon Les Mis will involve less death and barricades. You can only barricade so much with Rockstar cans and Flaming Hot Cheetos.
  • Kills slows it down a bit with the songs Devils Don’t Fly and Outta Time and I like both a lot. I prefer Outta Time more because it reminds me of a 60s pop song.  I now want to be in a Synthpop Grease dancing with my boo in my pretty fluffy pink dress.  Hoping that we go all the way after the dance but not wanting to appear easy. I am a lady after all.
  • Controversy has a Lady Gagaesque vibe.  This seems to be about whether or not we love the Kool Aid Man (btw: I do)  They are all friends with molly. I know what that is now! See I am ready for this electric life. Other qualifications I have: I once owned a Light Brite and I own a white fur hat with rainbow stegosaurus thing down it.
  • Rabbit Hole is in my top 3 of songs off this album. Lots of the harsh edge and dancealicoiusness. And choice verses like this:
    Cause I eat boys like a cannibal,
    fuck hard, howl at the moon like an animal.
    Eat me, drink me, straight down the rabbit hole.
    White lines, white lies, straight down the rabbit hole.
  • The last three songs are slower but still good not my favorite on the album but I do enjoy them.

Overall I really enjoyed this album. I have listened to it three times fully now and still love every song enough to listen to them all the way through. I find sometimes that pop albums have a couple of strong songs and are weak the rest of the way through but this album isn’t like it at all. It is better than her first album. To me it sounds more mature and evened out than the previous album which I mentioned before I really did enjoy.  Basically you all need to get this album and listen to it and have an awesome time because that is what you should always do. Enjoy tings because it is fun. Omg this is going nowhere. Ending it now. No now.

Side notes while  typing up the initial review for this album :

—Candy Crush let me know my lives were full again. However I ignored the soul-suck and continued on my work.
— I am listening and reviewing and Football is on the TV, so I get distracted a bit.   I saw a  Burger King french fry burger commercial and  then a commercial for a show where people are on fire. The fire people are apart of the show, Revolution. Which is the no electricity show (maybe they should do a crossover with The Electric Company and problem solved!)    I suspect it was a lantern party gone horribly awry. Or what happens when you order the French Fry Burger. Just buy some fries and put them on the damn burger. Don’t be a lazy fuck.

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